It's to Hot in Dallas in Winter! - The NHL Thread

I think if he wins the Cup this year you’d have to say yes. Vegas should be a pretty tough challenge though.

He sure can chew the shit out of a mouthguard. During play, whenever. Thing would be practically useless.

Familiar faces, but also, go Bears!

Bears award night.

Be interested to hear a breakdown of how the AIHL runs. Teams travel between from as east as Sydney to as west as Perth. Generally, the scheduling is such that two games in Perth are played on the same weekend, or close enough together not to require multiple trips.

I don’t think the players make any particular salary, but get compensated for necessities such as accomodation and travel.

lol at Babcock. What a genius.

Not NHL, but I went to my first hockey match while in Sweden on the weekend and loved the experience.

It was Frölunda vs Rögle. Great atmosphere with Ultras singing all game. Rögle brought around 400 away fans and the crowd was 12,000.

Video just before it started - iCloud

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Really keen to see some Euro hockey.

Was hoping to see a match when I was in Finland for 2 weeks last August but season didn’t start until September unfortunately.

The head teacher at the school where I teach is Swedish and she was saying atmosphere goes off!

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