Lowy sells his last shares in the club

The Lowy family’s involvement with professional football appears to have all-but ended after selling off their last remaining stake in Sydney FC to the club’s chairman, Scott Barlow and his father in law, David Traktovenko.

Having once been the majority owner of Sydney FC in its infancy with a controlling stake of more than 70 per-cent, Frank Lowy has ended his 15-year relationship with the club after the Lowy Family Group sold its final 10 per-cent share of the club to Strada Investments, owned by Barlow and Traktovenko.

Out of interest the remaining ownership appears to be broken down as such.

  • Denwol Pty Ltd – Philip Wolanski’s company: 0.2%
  • Gail Crismale – wife of Board member, Michael Crismale: 0.9%
  • Aquarius Equity – which is co-owned by Glenn Duncan of Western Sydney Wanderers: 0.5%
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I suppose all the conspiracy theorists will have to blame the reverse vampires now that there is zero ownership by the Lowy family?

Good sign. Traktor feeling confident about the future.

We’re pretty lucky owner wise I think. Barlow a top bloke in my experience as well.

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False flag. Scratch this club and beneath its all ESFC Hakoah.

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Good news, feel we are very lucky with the ownership situation now

I remember waiting in the line at the gates of Allianz before the grand final in 2017, Traktovenko was in the line two people ahead of me patiently waiting by himself no special treatment, no entourage, he was just another punter with a battered club scarf around his neck. Warmed my heart it did.


Yeah when you compare us to some of the others around the league we are doing great - an owner willing to stick money in and back the Board to make the right decisions, while keeping his hands off the day to day operations.


Mack delivers:

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What a dick, honestly. His team is shit not because Lowy owned shares in SFC. It’s shit because it’s shit. The coach has been shit. The players have been shit. And, for the most part, the fans have been shit.


His nonsensical conspiracy laden rants bordering on paranoia have been top drawer stuff though.
Always the victims.

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