Macarthur FC Thread


Yeah I absolutely hope they don’t go geographical. It’s just such a hollow sounding name. The idea that people won’t support it if it’s got MacArthur in the name and they’re form the suburb next door doesn’t make sense to me


How do you think Macarthur-Campbelltown would go? I’m not that familiar with how locals think of the area but would that be something people would be into?


It shouldn’t matter but it seems to. If WSW were instead the Parramatta Wanderers, do you think they would have had such a big following in the first years? Anyone who identified with being from Western Sydney were instantly able to latch on. The club was able to tap into the whole pride of the west thing. I don’t think it would have had the same impact had it been named as Parramatta.


Yeah fair points and probably on my own logic we should be Moore Park FC.

I think its dependent on the amount of clubs in the city though. Us being the first it made sense to go for the whole market. Wanderers coming in second needed it to have a point of difference. Now you have South West and then next you bring in a Blacktown team and do they become North Western Sydney United? Three seems to become the tipping point at which you got to go for more of an identity than a geogrpahical region


So, there is no suburb called Macarthur, never has been. That term has been used since as far back as I know (the 70’s) to refer to the suburbs cover under both the Campbelltown City and Camden Councils. Macarthur’s farm was in the Camden district but Campbelltown is the ‘major’ city in the area.

If the team is named Macarthur then people who identify with C’Town, Camden and further our like Picton and Wilton will associate… people from Liverpool wont but i cant imagine many from there would not already support Wanderers or be waiting around for a SW team


Liverpool to Parra Stadium is 18kms

Liverpool to Campbelltown Stadium - 21kms.

The South west bit is only aboard because they knew Macathur had the stadium (and council backing) and Walker’s $$ - neither they could compete with.

Putting SW in the name is dog whistling to the FFA only. I dont think anyone who knows the area would ever think that Liverpool and Bankstown are going to supply supporters to a team based out of C’Town Stadium


Club naming isn’t the easiest thing as it’s obviously the first stage of your marketing. In overseas clubs it’s a bit easier as they have the history behind them. Many clubs were built off of geography and therefor had a chance to build up this identity before hitting the big stage. The geographical divide was built up from scratch and you almost had tribalism in force.

Sydney, especially, is a tough market with that. Sydney FC is already seen as the Sydney club and it has the money and organisation behind it to push this. The easiest and fastest way to create an identity, in Sydney, that sets you apart from the other clubs, is geography. Wanders did it well and didn’t limit themselves to one area. The West is as a small or as big as you want it to be. Limiting a club to just the “Macarthur area” would limit their potential market, having a term such as South West, opens up the market to people from outside the area.

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Wonder too if the Fox complaints about Western United not having Melbourne in the name apply to this too (would Macarthur be better than South West or would they want South West Sydney)


I think Macarthur is identifiable enough, but I guess that may be different in other markets. Just calling it South West would be bad though.


I think they’d prefer to have Sydney in the name.


How about rather than a constrained geographical presence, or even a relative one which becomes redundant depending on the observer’s position in spacetime, going for something more conceptual, more mental.
“In Ya Mind United”, or “Coming Right Atcha Athletic”. Maybe even “Omnipresent City”. Where are they? Everywhere. Nowhere. It doesn’t matter - give it 5 years tops.


So apparently they claimed it was $35 for a kid ticket on the hill at Leichardt last week? Looking at prices for today it was $12


Go with Macarthur.

Macarthur was a complet and utter cunt who should have been hung, drawn and quartered.

So if it turns out we don’t get along with them it is easy enough to hate them.

If we’re fine with them we can just ignore the Macarthur was a cunt angle like everyone does anyway.


the thing is they want to get some fans from the Liverpool area too, and calling the team Macarthur interferes with that.


Greater Western Sydney


People from Liverpool should realise they live in a shitty neither here nor there world and just pick one of the three teams and support them.


We’re not Eastern Sydney or Wanderers FC Football Club?


That is assuming it is not Elizabeth that they would be named after.

(but yes, The Dollops pod on John Macarthur is brilliant)


They’ve named fuck all after Elizabeth and the main stream thinks it was John that did the work.

The merino industry was built on Elizabeth’s back.


They have their second community forum tonight, you can follow on twitter #MSWUFORUM, although only the guy from ftbl posted anything last time.