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Wester Sydney Rovers.


Southern Passage FC.


East Queanbeyan FC


Bus to Bowral Athletic


Fluminense colours, one of the great football shirts.
Can only imagine what horror they’d come up.


First community forum announced for late Feb. As I live in the area and have a soft spot for this new team already I will be going along.


I’ll be interested to see what numbers they get.




One of the girls I work with was saying that her husband and some mates were interested in going along. They’re not really in to football, apart from taking their kids to play on the weekend. I’d say they’re occasional socceroos supporters (world cup) but don’t support any clubs at any level.

I guess its a good thing to have potential fans like that, but they might get a bit turned off by the over excited ultra wannabes that tend to turn up to things like this.


To be honest, Macarthur isn’t really a region brimming with the wannabe football hooligan demographic - much more VB Family Hill types…

The fact that there has not even been a whiff of a fan group start yet is a little indicator that the team support will be much more ‘Mariners’ than ‘Wanderers’


Yeah, you’re probably right.


In fact, this Macarhur team will be a great case study for FFA marketing types… do you continue to try and sell to the ‘football family’ or do you go off shore fishing and look to convert the non-footballing sport fan into a football fan. I have said before that the Macarhur area has a very big football playing community but most of those wear West Tigers jackets to the games.

So while they are registered football family people, they are not typical ‘Euro-snob’ style football supporter types who the FFA have seemingly thought to rely on. To plus side to having non Euro snob types is that they don’t compare the A-League some impossible standard like ‘football types’ do.


Yeah, you’d have to think that’s an advantage. If you’re not having people turn up and think “this is shit, the EPL is way better” then you’re off to a good start. It will be interesting to see how the club market themselves to the community. FFA marketing is useless, they only seem to market existing A League fans.


While that might be a real shame to those of us who are already supporting teams in this league, it does provide a real point of difference for those who are maybe interested in Wests but are turned off by the RBB.


Yeah, I know some Wests fans that stopped going to games and don’t really support them that much any more because of the RBB and their antics. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of them jump ship. They have young families and some of them live roughly halfway between Para and Campbelltown.


All good decisions get made on the Bus to Bowral.


This reference makes me so happy


So should the expansion side that actually should have gone for United still go for it?



call themselves South Western United and wear black and green