Melbourne knights adamant a national second division will transform australian football

Article on Knights’ ambitions to be part of a 2nd tier. Interesting to note that they are looking to sell their home ground since 1988 for around $25m, and move to an “expanded venue” - can only imagine it’s somewhat due to the current grounds’ location having lack of access and transport options.

How could they get a better ground for that price?

No idea. I’ve never been to that part of melbs. Have also heard they have quite a large and profitable social club (/pokies den?) too?


That part of Sunshine where Somers Street is located is a shithole.

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So do you agree or seems like a good move by them to move away, as long as its to a decent facility in a better location under a good deal? Having seen what a lot of melbournians have to say about the location, it seems necessary.

I’m not saying the facility itself isn’t decent, they’ve put a bit of money into the pitch, lighting & facilities in recent years so I doubt they’re going anywhere anyway. Sure it’s a pain in the arse to get to & from however I tend to think that since they own the land & facility outright it would be silly to even consider moving.