Melbourne Victory Thread


Ill miss that cheeky smile.

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Obviously the best thing for the club,but it would cause them great pain so it pleases me.


When you beat your rivals so bad they sack their manager…


How good is it that we walloped them so bad that bald arsehole packed it in.

Can only imagine the songs this could lead to.


There’s something utterly fabulous about beating a bully so badly that he leaves town, it’s almost cinematic.


So his last action on field was a disgraceful tackle that resulted in a 9(?) week suspension, and his last game coached in the league was a absolute humiliation to their biggest rivals?


Which was a bigger humiliation getting thrashed by Sydney or getting knocked out of the cup by APIA?


I chose option 3: Having to tell your family you signed a contract to play for Melbourne “Victory”.

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Muscat presser at 12:30


nah nah nah nah


Aloisi linked already. Hard to hate him but he is surely on his last chance. I think he would struggle there. 0 transfer acumen and they need a rebuild.


I thought the Aloisi link was just an online one based off the vuck tweet saying they were talking to a journeyman coach. Some other tweets saying Kurz


I doubt they’d pick up Aloisi. His record is poor, plus he was manager at Heart so it wouldn’t sit well with their fans. Who knows though, we can always hope.


Going to be very interesting to see how Melbourne Victory, as an entity, handle the loss of Muscat. He has been ingrained into their very DNA from day 1.

The never say die attitude, the thuggish behaviour, the direct style of play, pretty much everything about MV is from him. He drilled it into the team as a senior player and then as the manager. And notwithstanding that 6-1 drubbing and ACL failure (tards don’t really care about ACL anyway), his record as a manager was good, some other teams would kill for MV’s record under Muscat.

Now with him gone MV could become rudderless. What do they stand for? Will imports play for the shirt with the same vigour they did under Muscat, or will MV be just another paycheque? Will the fans accept it if a new manager tries to turn MV into a bunch of niceguys? The club could well end up with a merry-go-round of managers if the new manager can’t wrangle the squad to success.


My money is on Kurz taking over at Victory. He did quite well with Adelaide on a much tighter budget and won’t have an adjustment period with getting his head around salary caps and geographical diversity.


Ross Aloisi is the calm and level head they need.

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Can MV fans or club stomach hiring an ex-Adelaide manager?


The comments Ive seen are strongly against Kurz


Time for a club legend to step up. H Kewell please.

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Someone on Twitter reckons Victory are chasing an Italian journeyman coach…