Melbourne Victory Thread


FWIW there are some cracking stories out there about his sheer incompetence during his time with us.

Bear in mind we’d also just come off a period of significant investment in sports science with Dr Craig, and iirc keeping Dr Craig and his methods was also one of the deal breakers in not getting Arnie 2 years earlier because he insisted on bringing Clarkey with him which the club didn’t agree to at the time.

We then ended up with Crook for 5 minutes and finally Farina who got his way in bringing Crea in. One story I heard was about Crea sitting down with Bosschaart to run through his pre-season training loads and proceeding to rattle off the numbers… at which point Boss pointed out he’d never actually worn a GPS and so those numbers couldn’t mean shit. Crea admitted he was using other players’ numbers and that they’d all be the same anyways because he just presumed they all ran about the same amount.

Dr Craig is obviously still very highly regarded, but it remains scary where we’d be if we landed Arnie, Clarkey and Crawley 2 years earlier.


Honda’s hamstring is related to a lower back issue :thinking:


Injuries are starting to stack up for them - the barefooted cobbler gonna get found out soon. All really good for us (ROS Day) and ACL is gonna make it worse for them.




Behind a paywall though:


Melbourne Victory’s owners have revealed that they want to buy soccer clubs in Europe and Asia in their quest to become an Asian superpower.


No longer!


Surely their owners don’t have that much money right? I doubt they’d get more than a League 2 club, which tends to be a massive money sink anyway.


Dear Santa, can you please bankrupt Melbourne Victory?


They want to be the Manchester city of Asia?


Hopefully. Winning fuck all in continental competitions is truly something to aspire to.