Members check your emails - MCY & WSW ticket actions

If you are a member, check your email for details of how to reserve seats for the MCY game on the 30th and the 1st Derby.

I was able to redeem my Cove ticket for the opener at Jubilee and then change the allocated seat to my usual spot but this option seems to not be available for the derby at ANZ.

ANZ doesn’t offer alternate seating, they’re lazy assholes.

That answered my question then. At minimum I thought I’ve be able to select the bay, but I can’t even do that.

We should demolish the stadium at great expense to the taxpayer and start again

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Peter Fitzsimmons would DEFINITELY be on board with that!

I contacted memberships and they have resolved the issue with selecting the derby seats, you can now select the bay that you want to be in.

I didn’t get any email for this. Is this just a cove thing?

It’s a cove & ga thing, if you have set seats you’re fine

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Rookie error - got allocated bad seats so hit the ‘back’ button and now Ticketek won’t give me free tickets (the barcodes still work but no $0 option any more).

Anyone had this issue, or know how to fix it? Just wait and the previous ones might expire?

Nevermind, it came back

Anyone else missing a membership email?

Did you get the email a few weeks back with the PDF of you membership card? All you need is your barcode from that.