Memberships 2019-20

You can check out the memberships which will be available next season below (on sale May 29):

Prices are the same as last season.

Memberships seem to be coming with some sort of poncho, which I guess is a unique way to make up for a complete lack of undercover seating?

The 15% discount is tidy.

They should probably come with a towel as well.
You know, for all of those Milo2 related “accidents”.


Did there used to be an interstate membership?
The out of Sydney one with tickets for four home games that I can never attend doesn’t quite fit.

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Sweet, I’ve been banging on about getting sky blue poncho’s instead of members caps for years.

As long as it’s something like this, I’m all in…

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A poncho will be more useful in Sydney in summer than a fucking scarf.

I don’t know how many batches of tickets I’ve wasted in all my years of membership not being able to travel from Perth during the season :joy:

Really do need a membership that’s targeted at those who are permanently stuck interstate during the season; then option it with a higher ticket discount or something if you do manage to make to a home game.

Couldnt agree more. There will be 3 matches in Vic this year. From what I hear the AFL memberships set up have better converage for people interstate. Not sure whether ticketing arrangements with the A-league may prevent the club from doing this very easily?

The Out of Sydney memberships seems decent. Up to 4 home games (if you were to make it) and 1 away game (i.e. in Perth) for $120. But if you think you’d rarely get to a home game then you could get a supporter membership for $75 which gives you %10 off ticket purchases if you were to make it to a game in Sydney.

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Are the Flexi 3 and Flexi 6 memberships new for this year?

We’re a family of four, and on average we typically only get to around 6 home games per season.

  • A Bronze family membership is $665, for 4 x GA seats at all home games.
  • At the other end of the scale, a Supporter membership is $75 for a single adult (with 10% discount on additional tickets), and a family (2A + 2C) GA ticket for most home games (after the 10% discount) typically costs around $50-60

In previous years, this meant that unless we were expecting to attend more than 10 home games in the season (unlikely), it was cheaper for us to get a single Supporter membership, and then purchase discounted tickets game-by-game as required (we’d end up spending about ~$400-450 in total for the season).

(last season there were 13 x SFC HAL home games, including regular season and finals),

Not only was it a couple of hundred bucks cheaper, but the whole pay-as-you-go approach meant that if (for whatever reason) we couldn’t get to as many games as we’d planned, we only paid for the ones we actually attended.

  • A Flexi 6 Bronze family membership is $335 for 4 x GA seats at any 6 home games
  • A Flexi 3 Bronze family membership is $185 for 4 x GA seats at any 3 home games

The Flexi memberships are now better value than buying discounted tickets game-by-game on a Supporter membership.

Granted it isn’t pay-as-you-go, but even if we’re unable to make it to all 3 or 6 games, we’d still likely be better off.

The tipping point would be if we got a Flexi 3 but could only manage 1 game, or a Flexi 6 and only manage 4 or fewer games; at which point it would have been better to buy tickets for each game separately.

Additionally, a Flexi family membership would mean that I get to feel much better about the entire family being SFC members (as opposed to previous years where it was more like “1 member + 3 very passionate guests”).

(my 2019/20 Supporter membership has already auto-renewed; but I’m sure I can call the club and upgrade to a Flexi 6).


I do wonder whether the full Bronze family membership would be better priced a little lower, as it would encourage families to attend more games.

As I mentioned above, from a pure cost perspective, a Bronze membership is likely to only appeal to families that already intend to go to most home games.

Those with families (especially teenagers) will know that trying to plan family events in advance can be difficult (nobody seems to know if they’re available until the last minute), so it would be difficult for a lot of families to justify the cost of a Bronze membership, because they simply can’t know ahead of time whether they’re likely to get 10 games out of it.

By having it priced cheaper (around the cost of ~7 games, or just over half the number of home games in a season), it would (in my opinion) encourage more families to opt for a ticketed membership at the start of the season.

Once you have a membership that entitles the whole family to ANY home game, tossing out a “who wants to go see the Sky Blues tonight?” over Saturday morning breakfast is far more likely than trying to figure out in June how many games the family might go to in 6-9 months time.

I don’t know how much the club relies on revenue from memberships; but I would have thought the club (and the league in general) benefit more from packed stadiums, in exchange for a small reduction in membership revenues.

They had 3 match memberships in the past but they were based on specific games, not simply 3 games of your choice. Not sure if the flexi 3/6 memberships have been offered before, but it definitely sounds like a good idea. Especially if it means that families like yours convert from 1 member to 4.

I’m switching from full season Cove membership to flexi 6 this time as I missed a lot of games this year. I figure if I can make more than 6 you can usually buy cheapies through Telstra or somewhere & won’t use mine for mates round as I’ll go off someone else’s

I think those Telstra thanks tickets are going… I was reading somewhere

They’ve changed their scheme a bit but still offering tickets for most things.

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