Merry Christmas / Happy Hanukkah / Excellent Eid

Just wanted to wish all of our patrons, supporters and members an enjoyable appropriate festive holiday.

Thanks for your contributions and support throughout the year, it’s the community that makes this place worth visiting.

Hopefully we’ll be able to organise some kind of meatspace get together when the plague subsides some more.


Merry Christmas etc to everyone and thanks Jubal for another year running this place

Chag Sameach ve toda raba.

Merry Christmas, all. Thanks Jubal for another year of running the site.

A good Ninkmas to all


I don’t know any of you fuckers personally, but I keep coming back here every day regardless.

Thanks @jubal1 for providing this space for intelligent discourse and general bantz.

Merry Christmas all. Forza Sydney FC.


God Jul allihopa!

I’m so full I can’t walk

Forza Jubal on this great forum

Merry Ninkmas, peeps. Off for some street cricket to try and dislodge this massive lunch baby

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Spent a slightly covid interrupted lunch with family, had a nap, now drinking beers while the kids play on a slip n slide. Not bad.

Hope everyone had the best day they can today.

I assume this will be an only fans type thing?

Careful what you wish for.


I always assumed that was what I was paying for? Thought it was just a matter of subscribing for months to unlock the premium content?

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Merry Christmas, you filthy animals :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Feliz Natal.

Merry Ninkomas to all.

Christmas Cracker Joke

What do you get if you eat Christmas decorations?


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Merry Christmas all,Santa is a day late but he’s bringing 3 points.Thats a great pressy.

He waited a day so he could go to Ninko party.

He wanted to see the top entertainment and cuisine.

Elvis is the first act with 3 sets of somersaults.

Alfie,brings the cuisine with multiple sausage rolls.

Another guest,but only watching this week is a Ronald MacDonald look alike.His goals will come next month.

Wishing everyone a covid free 2022.

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Didn’t know Covid was spoiling the party

Io Saturnalia!

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