Milos Ninkovic Appreciation Thread


He’s equal on points with Castro for the Alex Tobin


Milos calls for some SHOOT FARKEN


What a shit headline.

Ninkovic’s actual quote:


It can be read two ways, but I read it the way you did. The two ways to read it:

“Corica can’t score goals because he’s not one of the players”
“Under Corica’s coaching methods, the players aren’t able to score goals”

It’s written to be interpreted the second way though IMO so that it becomes clickbait.


The forum is seriously stressing out over himmelblaus post. I keep getting this thread with listed with the “1” and get a notification about it in the top left corner of the page to come and see the same post. Happened about 3-4 times


Which post?


Yeah it clicked after i posted. Cheeky buggers.


The one before my post complaining.

Was I the only one that read the title as a defence of the manager like “Corica is doing everything else but he cant physically score for us so we need to stand up and score more”


No, that’s the first interpretation I listed, which is basically what Ninko is getting at…


That was Ninkovic’s 100th appearance for the club. What an absolute legend.


Ninko would still be worth a marquee spot next year based on recent performances. Having him under cap again for next year is great business.


He just seems like a genuinely sweet and happy man:


Will surely stick around for Aus citizenship and hopefully a lifelong stint with the club in some form. Surely our best ever.


Yeah he’s going to end up living here and I think he already has a coaching gig at Bonnyrigg lined up.

Get his daughters in the W-League team!


What a champion


Unbelievable, to use his preferred term.


I love him.


I remember grant saying in a post match interview that Ninko is consistently top in the stats for ground covered during a match. He gives every thing for this team, yet he is still so humble, and plays with a smile, I truly believe we would be nowhere near 2nd spot if not for him this year , absolute legend.


My Nephew played his first game of the season today.

Turns out his coach is Serbian and could organise a good luck for the season message from the sexiest man in football.


Just after he signed I remember at the Sydney FC members day before the 2015-6 season, Milos was playing in the 5 a side with the kids. My then 8 year old son was on Milos’s side and I have photos of them sitting on the bench next to each other.
At one point, my boy scored a goal and ran celebrating back to their half, didn’t notice Milos’s proferred high five and left him hanging. :joy: