Momentous Moments In Cove History - 1 - How we got our name

In order to truly know yourself, you must know where you came from. To that end I’ll be presenting an ongoing series of short posts highlighting the history of our beloved Cove.

The longest journey begins with a single step, in our case, adopting a name and through that name, an identity.

This is how The Cove got its name.


Great idea.

Blue Label and The Push were definitely not great.

Curva Bling a massive missed opportunity


Great thread idea.

If you have several hours/days to kill, that proboards forum is an absolute goldmine for early Sydney FC stuff.

Every now and then I remember how close we came to being Curva Bling.

Did every forum thread back then descend into discussions around ethnic violence? Theres some real shit in that thread for a discussion of the name of a supporter group.

Great thread idea this one, I look forward to more.

Is there a photo of the first TIFO?
From memory it had to do with history of the NSL and detailed number of clubs, players, goals etc.

I’m still annoyed after all these years that Curva Bling was rejected!

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The Push was such a crazy suggestion that I almost liked it, the less said about Curva Bling the better I think.