Names on jerseys

Whose name have you gotten on your previous jerseys and whose name will you be getting this season? Have you cursed anyone by putting them on your jersey?

I have three jerseys and only one of them has a name. I am probably the only person who has a 2015-16 jersey with Tavares on the back. I really loved the way that he played at the back end of 2014-15 and I really like solid and calm DMs. He proceeded to have a shit season and left half way through. I remain embarrassed to pull that jersey out to this day.

I’ve always been wary of this, more for loyalty reasons (e.g. Jurman, Bridge etc) than a player becoming worse. After Brosque’s last game, I remember a few of us including Denmil of this parish concluded that for a reluctant jersey name person, a 14 Brosque jersey was now definitively safe.

Strangely, I’ve succumbed for the first time ever this summer with a Liverpool Van Dijk shirt. The whole vibe of it being the European Champions shirt, the great song he has etc justified it, I think.
With the A-League I’d be much more wary - the traffic between rival teams is ridiculous here - so yeah it will have to be a Brosque one (Milos pending) if I ever go jersey rather than polo with SFC.

I’ve got 10 shirts with a pretty decent hit rate of club legends, only one that I’m tempted to burn on an effigy. Not intending to buy more, bit too old for the name / number fanboy thing, instead prefer to pony up for Cove merch these days.

  • 2005 pre-season shirt (Reebok w/Health-e sponsor, the one we used before the HAL even started). Tried years ago to source proper numbers for it but no dice

  • 2006 V1 home shirt with V2 sponsors added later. “Carney 12” on the back, signed

  • 2007 V2 away ACL shirt, long sleeve. “Corica 10” on the back (proper ACL name/number set), signed

  • 2007 V2 home ACL shirt. “Milligan 16”, signed the day he scored at the Cove end (while playing for Newy :rofl: ) being the only reason I’ve kept it

  • 2008 V3/V4 home shirt. “Brosque 14” on the back, signed

  • 2009/10 V5 away shirt. Fittingly “McFlynn 15” on the back, signed. Still has marks from the tumble I took when Bridge scored in the GF

  • 2010/11 V6 home shirt. Match worn, “Cole 12” on the back, signed. Won the post-match auction for the game he scored a screamer in a 1–1 draw with Fury. It’s tiny, XS, hope the lad has found a decent steak in retirement

  • 2011/12 Adidas home shirt. No sponsor, never got around to getting Carle put on it :unamused: but at least as it’s clean it’s the only one I will wear to training

  • 2012/13 home shirt, long sleeve. “Del Piero 10” on the back, the only name/number that’s not signed

  • 2016/17 double season home shirt. “Ninkovic 10” the back, only signed recently over in Perth. I am to be buried in it


I normally shy away from names and numbers on all sports shirts, even sponsors if possible.

Have only gone the name/number route once for SFC and that was 10 - Del Piero. He was one of my all time favourite players in football even before he came to my club, so when he did there was no way I was missing out on having that.

I only have two other name/number shirts. I got Giggs on a Man U shirt in his last season. My favourite United player ever. And as you seem to be only able to buy them with names, my wife got me my first Knicks singlet a couple years ago and has Porzingas on back :unamused:

I’m normally not one for names on jerseys, but the mrs and I have ‘wizard of woy woy’ across our two different kits.
I regret nothing.


I don’t usually get names on my jerseys, but I got one of those 2013 (I think) black away jerseys and decided to get Grant on it because with the squad that we had he seemed to the only person that busted a gut every single game. That guy turned out ok.

None. Never have.

Del Piero 10 on the home jersey from his first season
Brosque 14 on the “limited edition fan designed jersey” from last year of adidas contract
Holosko 21 on the first Puma jersey
Brillante 6 on last year’s ACL jersey
… will be getting Grant this year, probably on the home.

I can’t say I am wearing any of them though.

Hybrid, I think you pretty much just need a Grant one for a proper legends set, given you have McFlynn, Corica, Milos and Brosque already.

I got Smeltz a while ago. 1 hot summer day I had to borrow my parents car for some reason. The name and number imprinted itself onto the black leather seat. It took ages to rub it off

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Essentially, it did what it said on the tin…S-meltz


Oh, nearly did many moons ago… :wink:

My ex claimed that name & number and got it on her shirt instead, also had it signed. That would’ve been circa 2011, I recall it’s the same style jersey as 2010 double but think from the year after when he began getting a few starts. She was ridiculed in the Cove on many occasions back in those days, but the kid turned out alright. :+1:

If I was to get another atm it’d be a coin flip between Rhyan and Brandon.

As an aside I just realised in the history of SFC our #10’s have been Corica, Carle, ADP & Milos. Lord help whoever gets it next.

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… and imagine if Juninho had also had that number!

I fell as though with Kennards being the eyesore it is if I buy this years kit I will have to get Grant or Ninkovic.

The only jersey I’ve ever had was a Cantona 7 when I was a kid.

I think having a jersey with another mans name on the back is a bit weird.

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Santalab, 19. Thanks for reminding me to order.

Its for children

Meh, if people want to do it, all power to them, doesn’t impact me, just not something I do.

It’s no weirder than wearing a shirt of a team you don’t play for.

I had Byun on the back of the home shirt from the Double winning season. Wore it for many years.

McFlynn on home ACL shirt 2007, Brosque on a more recent one.

Usually just go for the shirt not the name. The McFlynn one was already on it when I bought the shirt.