New Travel Thread - everyone gets a upgrade


Why the fuck would you go to a Gin Distillery in Scotland, go to one of the many Whiskey distilleries.

You can easily do Glasgow to Skye in 5 hours or so, but if you want a stop Fort William at the foot of Ben Nevis is really nice, close to Glencoe.

We stayed at a hostel in Kyleakin just across the bridge last time and it was just fine, just book in advance.


Yeah, obviously we’ll be doing that, but I quite like gin, and my wife is a lot more keen to visit distilleries that have great gin.

Thanks for the advice. Staying somewhere between Isle of Skye and Glasgow was less logistical and more about staying somewhere nice.


Some of the top whisky distilleries are branching out into gin.


Any top tips for Darwin, lads?

I’m heading there in 3 weeks for a week. Never been / am open to suggestions. Will be just me and the girlfriend.

  1. Can you get away without a car? Like I’m assuming if I did day tours they could pick you up from in town. Or should I just suck it up and get a car?
  2. On that note - can I get a small/medium car, or would I have to get a 4x4?

Any advice would be much appreciated.


Have been in a good fifteen years but I liked the day trip to Litchfield National Park. No 4x4 needed and beautiful waterfalls.


The city area is small and you can walk around.
You will sweat a lot.

Most tours all leave from somewhere in the city, there is a million backpackers there so that’s the norm.
Litchfield is still really nice.

I’ve only ever been to Darwin on a ship so I’ve never had a car, never had a problem doing what I want.


Geez 1995 Australian University Games up there was pretty bloody awesome and one of the looser ones. Everyone was in troppo and loco mode.

Also a bonus that we won the football gold with Newcastle Uni.


I guess this is the right thread…
Anyone had any good experiences with offsite events/venues in either Sydney or Brisbane? I have to organise a leadership meeting for my APAC team in early August

Last time I held it in Singapore - we had a 1.5 day meeting in the Interncontinental at Robertson Quay followed up a few hours of motorised scootering around the Marina Bay with a nice dinner after. So looking for something similar.

Any suggestions would be appreciated


We had a good afternoon at Cockatoo Island with a work conference. You would have to pretty much organised most things but we had plenary sessions, a group team building activity around motor racing and then drinks, snacks and a band.


Anybody been to Disney Hollywood studios in Florida? I did Disneyland in California about 15 years ago, but keen to check out the Florida site and see Galaxys edge.

I’m an adult (kind of), no kids and will be looking almost exclusively at the Star Wars site.

It seems a lot of people suggesting staying at one of the disney hotels to get priority for rides and attractions. But a quick research reveals that these are ridiculously expensive.


Darwin is a pretty interesting place. A lot more multicultural than I thought it would be. I was imagining a red dirt Newcastle but that’s not the case I think.


Heading to Costa Rica next week for 10 days. I’ve splitting up the time between San Jose, Arenal and Tamarindo. Anybody got any tips on things to see and do?


Tips for Perth? I’ve got a few days there with no real plans. Already going down to Margaret River so I’m looking for anything in and around the city.


Rottnest is worth a visit. You can hire a bike and ride around the island; not a bad way to spend the day.


Boat from city to Fremantle is pretty cool.

Little Creatures Brewery in Freo.


Optus stadium was pretty good one day earlier this year.


don’t buy beer from there, more expensive than if you went to a bottle-o

Can confirm Rottnest is definitely worth the trip, although take tablets if you get sea sick


Ahh, good to know, I hadn’t thought of that.


Tablets will make you feel drowsy as fuck instead.

Best thing to do is have a giant meal that sits heavy in your stomach before hand. Completely counter-intuitive but it’s the only thing in tough seas that works for me.


Is it a particularly long and bumpy trip? The only times I’ve been sea sick have been a couple of hours out to sea.