New Travel Thread - everyone gets a upgrade

I’ve stayed one night in Port Augusta. Nice enough motel. They sent me to a pub for dinner. One of the best meals I’ve ever eaten

Anyone have any experience living from place to place around the county?

Given I’m likely to move out of my existing property soon, given huge rental increase, I’m considering using the opportunity to enact a wish of just travelling from place to place in Australia for a while. Hostels, cheapest yet relatively safe transport (No hitchhiking).

Ideally, I’d be able to be with some sort of Australia-wide hospitality agency so I can do some casual work in each location.

Keep in mind, at any time I do have the luxury of travelling back to Sydney and staying with my parents between trips.


One of my best mates quit his rental place as covid hit and got a van.

He and his wife have had the best experiences over the last few years.

He’s currently near Murray river getting ready for Christmas in wa

He has an internet dongle and loves life

There’s also plenty of work in regional & rural towns.
Cafe’s, restaurants and pubs are always looking for staff and there’s always the seasonal fruit picking trail to follow.

A lot of the towns, not including the tourist hotspots, have cheap sites available for campervans and the like at the showgrounds.

There are house sitting or pet minding sites. Free accommodation.

Any dual citizens here? Had a rough time at the check-in counter the other week and want to know if it’s the norm.

My son (dual US and Australian citizen) was visiting Australia for the first time late last year. He flew in on his Aussie passport on a one-way Qantas flight. No dramas.

For our return, we were flying American Airlines and checked in on his US passport as per instructions from US immigration. Problem - the system wouldn’t let him check in. This was the first time using his passport so we were concerned it was incorrect somehow. Maybe a misprint or something. Took over an hour for them to work out that it was Australian immigration blocking it because they had no record of his US passport being in Australia (remember he entered on an Aussie one). They needed to link his two passports together. Eventually it was sorted and we made the flight with moments to spare.

Am I to expect this every time we fly back to Australia? Or are his passports now linked in the system for good?

I’m a dual citizen holding EU and Aussie passports so can’t speak to your exact situation but have encountered issues over the years.

When I tried to check in for a flight from Europe to the US about a year ago I was unable to and went through about an hour of getting an agent to assist. Despite my ESTA containing both passport details, it had designated my Aussie one as a primary for some reason and I had obviously entered the EU on my European passport so had to leave on it too. Had other issues every now and then over the years (some self inflicted where visas were tied to a specific passport and I’ve simply forgotten which one after many hours in transit).

My advice would be to just budget a little extra time in checking in, particularly when looking to use the benefits of one of those specific passports and if you do find you are encountering issues show that you’ve / your son has two straight away (ALWAYS bring both) as that usually is the issue as plenty of systems don’t seem to talk to one another. Hoping from the sounds of things that this specific issue is just a once off though.

I have a British and Australian and always found using the same passport to go in and out (and I now use the same passport for consistent countries)… by that I mean I always go in and out of the US and Singapore on my Australian but going back to the UK is always on the UK passport

As an Australian passport holder, you must enter and depart Australia on your Australian passport.

This is what the High Commission in London told me, last time I went back to Oz my new Australian passport still hadn’t arrived and I spoke to them about if I could enter Australia with my UK passport and they said it is not allowed. Had to get an emergency passport in the end.

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This approach won’t work for US citizens as, if you’re a US passport holder, you’re not allowed to enter on another country’s passport. Also, even if you wanted to, you’d need an ESTA or visa on that other (Aussie, presumably) passport and those would never get approved as during the application process they’d recognise that you’re also a US citizen.

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You couldn’t go in and out of the US on the US passport but use the Aussie one for Austratalia to all other destinations?
US - US Passport - Australia - Australian passport - Singapore - US Passport - US…

Or just use US passport for travel and keep the other current in the background but don’t actually use it for passage anywhere…

Once the passports are linked you shouldn’t have any issues in future.

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We’re based in the US. So we need to enter Australia on the Australian and then when we return we need to enter US on the US passport.

Gotcha… sounds like what should make travel easier, has made it a ballache

It sounds pretty simple to me.
Entering and leaving a country that you hold citizenship, use that countries passport.
Entering any other country, use the passport that means you can avoid Visa restrictions.

It will take you 5 minutes on Google to find out what countries require visas for a particular passport. It should form part of your pre-travel preparations and there’s no reason why you can’t put this information inside your passports.

It’s amazing how ill-prepared for travel people are when they’re confronted with an immigration gate.

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You should have seen how confused the security were when I tried to travel on my official government passport

Wait who’s talking about not being prepared/not having visas?

It’s the immigration security that wasn’t prepared to handle a passenger traveling under the instructions that they had received from that country’s immigration authorities.

Anyone been to Jakarta? Enough to do for a week?

One of my favourite bands of all time converge, are playing a festival there in May. I haven’t seen them in like 15 years, and have a $1300 travel voucher to use.

Should I just stay in Jakarta or do a weekend trip from Bali?

Picked up my skis in northern Italy after watching our win this morning and was chuffed to see this being hung proudly in the most prominent spot in the shop.

Well done to whoever donated. Couldn’t figure out why they put it in the best spot with my crappy Italian though.