New Travel Thread - everyone gets a upgrade

Best travel insurance deals that people have found lately?

Not sure if it’s the best, but last few times I’ve used Tick insurance and they were pretty competitive on price.

I’ve got a trip to NZ coming up and I needed winter sports cover, and Tick were well priced.

That said, I’ve never needed to make a claim, so I don’t know how that side of the equation fares.

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Started booking my accommodation for my drive back to Sydney :smiling_face_with_tear:

Some long drives to avoid some huge shitholes, but at least getting a trip to Uluru out of it.

Go on, stay at Tennants Creek!

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Skipping tennant creek, Alice and Port Augusta/Pirie!

Nah dude, one of the best pub feeds I ever had was at Port Augusta!

Port Pirie is the biggest shithole I have been to in the entire country, possibly the world.

Good Luck on Haji Lane has a great beer selection, including local craft beers, and good food. It’s a cool spot to sit and people watch given its a very busy street.


Thanks, that sounds good perfect

Someone hasn’t been to Lithgow or Ballarat :wink:

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You don’t even have to go half an hour to beat Lithgow, Oberon is much worse.

Oberon has the perfectly adequate DJs takeaway with their perfectly adequate hamburgers and rather good chips.

Used the complimentary insurance that came with booking flights using an American Express card for a minor medical issue on my recent trip to France. Actual insurer was Chubb. Form website was a little fiddly but easy enough in the end and paid almost straight away.

That’s not to mention the business class flight from Sydney to Abu Dhabi from the points. Absolute game changer, actually slept with the lie flat bed.

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Indonesia really make you work for entry into their country.
Every transaction for your visa has to be conducted separately. I reckon I spent an hour just processing the payments to get it all sorted.

Do they still physically stamp the passport? I miss the days when your passport would be full of stamps.

One of the worst things about everything moving to digital. Passport stamps were such a joyful little thing to look back at. More and more countries don’t do it anymore.

Yeah - I spent a fair amount of time travelling for work pre covid and now it’s ramped up again I’ve had to get a new passport

I miss the stamped and tatty pages - the pristine one is horrible (malaysia does seems intent in stamping in and out though)

Some of the countries in SE Asia like Laos, Cambodia and I believe Vietnam still use a full page with their visa’a. On the other hand I don’t think you even get a little stamp from Singapore anymore

I’ll let you know, we are flying out tomorrow night.
First overseas holiday, well pretty much any holiday we’ve had for a long time.

First time my kids will have gone overseas.
This will also complete the last task on our west Australian citizenshipship by obtaining a Bintang singlet.


Singapore is all automated if you have a chip passport…

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