Newcastle Jets: rap battles pending

Some good news


Thank the lord

I read the article but they donโ€™t say much about the new guys. Does anyone know their background? How cashed up are they etc?

Great to have it confirmed finally.

Jets owned by Maverick.



Iโ€™m looking at their site and seeing what work they do.

Maverick Sports and Entertainment have worked with DHL, Man Utd, HBO, Racing Point (now Aston Martin F1 team), The Rolling Stones, Mo Salah, etc etc.

So Iโ€™d say in terms of specialists, Newcastle may get some positive results out of. But I donโ€™t know if theyโ€™re going to fork out enough money to challenge at the level of a CFG-owned club, for example.

tl;dr Newcastle will likely survive as they have until now, and probably perform approximately on the field as they do now.

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And Westies owned by a Goose.


Promising news. Still gotta be OKโ€™d by the FFA, but promising news.

Lol poor Jets :joy:

I donโ€™t think itโ€™s that company. If it was they would have mentioned it in the press release surely.

Yeah itโ€™s a new company with a similar name.

Those poor cunts

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The only way this will be remotely good is if hagipantelis sinks another million a year for a front of Jersey sponsorship.

Heโ€™s already shown he has no idea how to run a football club otherwiseโ€ฆ

As someone mentioned on twitter. I expect the Jets first signing will be Nofoaluma.


To be fair, he is still a better winger than Buhagiar.

Bring back Con Constantine.


Bring back David Hall! And topper! And Clayton Zane!

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The violet crumble Breakerโ€™s away strip was the greatest jersey in their history


And the fog rolling in off the swamp