NSW Premier League 19/20/21/22/23/24

Every game will be live, on demand a d free on YouTube.

With pause and (I assume re-wind).

Paramount, take note you fucking flogs.


Imma be honest, Rockdale is not my favourite suburban venue to travel to, and that’s when I travel from Glebe, forget if I’m up north at my parents’. VSP is generic, but the Metro and/or M1 bus is convenient.

It’s probably out of place, but looking at all the photos, how come women’s shorts are that much shorter than men’s? Is it by choice as a comfort thing, or is it just one of those blatantly sexist requirements for women to wear?

I’ve always thought it was because women wear their shorts higher than men.

Observation of the general society comfort wear… Men tend to wear lose clothing and women less so.

At least here on NB, a lot of women just wear tights as normal pants in public. It’s ‘probably’ just more comfortable.

It’s a society thing, it’s a comfort thing, it could be a confidence thing. It’s only sexist if you think it’s sexist. I doubt any one person is forced in to attire but given a choice.

Reminds me of an IT Crowd episode.

Ah, so Terry Antonis is just wearing the women’s kit.
That explains that then.

Max Burgess’ short shorts and short socks combo?

Personally we need more of this back in society.


At those prices too TYVM.

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Fashion Ties clearly aren’t the ones depicted in the image.

Men wear shorts on the hips, women wear them above

They only look so big because everything else is small. Imagine those big beautiful ties in a double vested suit.

Patterns on the other hand…

All team news. Forget the pants. Football could be played in the nude in the right conditions.

Michael Thwaite tried that once.



Confidence pants.

Really? There’s women’s volleyball teams that were disqualified because they came out wearing shorts instead of bikini bottoms just 2 years ago. Plus you had Sepp Blatter come out telling women to wear tighter shorts.

I was simply “edit: -talking” +Responding about the photos, organization, competition and clubs in discussion.

Not all of society or human history.

LotG require shirt, shorts, socks, shinguards and shoes

“This season, Sydney FC will play their home games at Rockdale Illinden Sports Centre and will go through the 30 week competition, playing 15 home matches and 15 away matches. The top six at the conclusion of the regular season will qualify for the Finals series and compete for the Championship.”

Tickets Prices

This season access to Sydney FC Academy home matches will be ticketed with prices as follows:

Adults: $15
Concessions: $10
Under 16’s: Free

Tickets can be purchased at the gate and payment is via card only."

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Looking forward to seeing how Oscar Fryer goes this season. He looked like a real weapon when he came up to the NPL1 team last year.

Yeah Fryer would have to be the next best out of that lot without a contract. Obviously a fair bit of turnover in the last 6 - 9 months, the ones I was looking for that haven’t yet turned out for another ALM club would be Bakrdanikoski and Gibson… both still only 21 so would qualify to go around again.

There were rumours of Bakrdanikoski moving to an ALM side, Transfermarkt has him with a stint at WU youth but no idea what happened there as he’s already shuffled on to Fascist 58 FC. Good player but Matthews probably shades both him and Paull, then Calusic is a year or two younger so maybe has the upside to take over that CB slot. Gibson apparently now at APIA, solid AF at this level but maybe too versatile for his own good.

No idea what happened to Ayouk Mow, can’t find anything about him leaving so may still be with us but in an age group below NPL. Trenkoski appears to have moved to Blacktown, Louis Agosti to Perugia U19 (wonder if ABJ had a hand in that one too?), and the shameless fucks across town have added Oscar Gultekin to their everlong list of our sloppy seconds.

I was going to reference the clubs website for the academy teams, but it has always been out of date.

For what it’s worth… U20's/First Grade - Sydney FC