NYL may be replaced with reserve league

Is my understanding of Sydney’s representation in the NPL is that we’re limited in regards to the age of players we’re allowed to field, or something like that?

About time. If they line up the draw we can expand to 7 man benches with no extra cost too.

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Yeah, I believe it’s under 21

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That would be an FFA directive too I assume?

Why don’t they just allow A-League clubs to have a couple of over aged players and keep them in the relevant State league competitions?

Would save some cash while still giving the youth and fringe players decent, regular competition.

Or am I missing the point completely here - which is entirely possible!

I think it’s the npl clubs that pushed for that agreement

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I guess the issue is that NPL seasons don’t match with A-League seasons and thus it doesn’t act as a way to keep people fit midseason.

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Good point, didn’t think of that.

Just seems like a massive waste of time and money (for the Clubs).

You also have to remember that their is npl sides down to u13(?) for us, so it’s not that simple

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