Other Australian clubs in the ACL - 2022

I have dreamed for well over 15 years to see Sydney FC vs Sanfrecce Hiroshima. My two favourite clubs in world football playing each other, yes please.

I’ll do the home and away leg and join the away support at each ground.


Is hooters still around in Campbelltown?

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No Sizzler either

Nandos is still surviving, though.

There’s a Nando’s in Campbelltown? The only one I know of is in Macarthur Square.

We have an El Jannah on Queen Street. We also have a handful of Red Roosters.

There is also a decent micro-brewery about 10 minutes walk from Leumeah Stadium, around the corner from where the Sizzler was.

The Beer Shed Brewing co – Brewing Great Beer since 2007

There’s a Campbelltown outside of Mac square?


I mean it’s in Campbeltown so it makes sense?

Altering my own post, but hey.
Unless of course CCM or Mac take out the 23/24 ACL Cup, which they’ve got a decent shot at given the countries involved.
Winner of the ACL Cup this year gets a qualifier entry to the 24/25 ACL Elite, and if you lose the qualifiers you go straight to ACL 2

Interesting article on competing in the ACL comps.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the only piece of silverware that Wanderers have ever won ends up being for a comp that ultimately fizzles out because it is deemed not really worth the effort/expense of competing. :joy:


Hasn’t that been established for ages? Especially for Australian clubs.

What the absolute f*ck. The CAF pays each team $700k USD JUST to participate. How is there more money in Africa for the comp than there is in Asia??

Redirected to seafood budget isnt it?


The article states the current environment, but also says the new changes are on the way for 24/25. Of which we know about.

that’s the thing, it’s not, by that article, it sounds like the club pays for it?

Well J2 club Ventforet Kofu who topped their group to knock out Melbourne City from the ACL played pretty damm well against Korea’s Ulsan HD, but ultimately out 3-0, 2-1, with a loud 15k crowd tonight at home at the Tokyo National Stadium.

MacArthur v CCM in the Cup tomorrow night.

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That game I’ll be watching, don’t give a fuck who wins but.

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For me, CCM is our little sibling, Macarthur a cousins child and WS a step families cousins runaway black sheep.


(Jeremy Clarkson voice)
“…Some say Kerem Bulut is still running away…”