Patreon for SFCU

I’m thinking of changing the way we fund SFCU, previously we’ve had an annual fundraiser, but obviously we haven’t had one this year, so I’m paying for hosting right now. Need about $100-$120 a month.

I’m thinking a single tier is enough, Patreon only offers US/Euro/Pound donations

$5 USD - Username flair, private forum section, pregame catchups at selected home games, wanky ‘hall of fame’ entry, a rant from me on the subject of your choice, annual raffle entry exclusive to patrons.

Let me know your thoughts about price and content and whether you’d contribute.

All excess funds will go to the Cove Fans fund.


This is a fantastic idea, I’d be keen for a $5 or $10 tier.

Less keen on a private forum thing, as I think it would dilute the discussion among the rest of the forum. Maybe some sort of different username colour or some way of marking out patrons similar to that would be okay?


I’m in :raised_hands:

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I’d be in and agree with the comments @CountArach has made.

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Very happy to contribute but as I’ve mentioned with sky blue stories, patreon is not for me. If there is a PayPal or something similar I would prefer to just make a one off larger contribution each year.

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Also agree with @CountArach. Would suggest a two tier system though maybe like a no benefits just forum running cost donation and then maybe a higher one with the add ons? Thinking things like pre-game catchup benefits wont appeal much to those out of Sydney fans



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You had me at Jubal rant.

Happy to contribute but as per senor Hatchback would prefer a once-off annual contribution over anything that’s automatically recurring. Also couldn’t care less about additional features or status, I’m all about the warm fuzzy feeling.


In. Not too fussed about features. Prefer it being a small amount monthly that I set and forget rather than a bigger sum that I have to remember annually.

As said above, private forum is probably not a great idea given the challenges in keeping engagement as it is with the competition from social media.
Maybe in the higher tier you get to be more right in any arguments, as a tie breaker?


$5 seppos sounds about right.

But I demand the title, “Annoying Cunt Who Won’t Fuck Off”.

A tier that enables you to have 1 user deleted and IP blocked per year?

I’m up for it.

Totally in. Agree with no private forum for the reasons mentioned. Also assuming a fundraiser/end of season party continues when possible as well as this Patreon.

Count me in. Don’t need any wanky features

I’m happy to contribute if I get a personalised video message from Arlo.

Absolutely, but wholly as a fans fund thing.

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OK, it’s clear that there’s an appetite for this. And the feedback about ‘rewards’ is appreciated, though I like the idea of a meatspace event occasionally.

Here’s what I’ll do.

$5 & $10 patreon options and a paypal option for those who want to do something as an annual or one-off thing.

All 3 get something in their username indicating they’re a patron and I’ll do an annual raffle purely for contributors with a unique piece of merch or memorabilia as the prize.

There will be occasional meatspace meetups too.


let me know if you see any issues.

For those of you who want to make a one-off or annual payment my paypal and PayID are both gmuir1 (at) as is my