Patreon - October Giveaway

Thanks to the generosity of one of our regular posters (and Patrons) we have an October giveaway to be drawn on November 1st.

www. who you may recognise as the sponsor of the Sky Blue Stories podcast have offered up a $50 voucher for the winner, to be selected using the spinny thing just like last time.

The rules are the same, you need to be a Patron or paypal donor for the month of October to qualify.

Many thanks to Barista27 for their generosity.

Again, I want to do this regularly so if you have any ideas for giveaways or things I can do to recognise patrons, please let me know. I have a plan for November already which will be the Patron anniversary, which I think you guys will like.


Here’s hoping that Hilly wins :wink:

Mmmmmm, coffee.


$50 to spend on being an SFCU Patreon for longer? :+1:

I have a good feeling about this one.

Seeing the ad’s during the WCQ I’ll be very disappointed if the prize isn’t the winner assuming the role of Bachelor/Bachelorette of SFCU.
I for one cannot wait to be wooed by forumites with offers of cup holders, beetrooted burgers and pineapple-less pizzas.

I’d be in for a SFC loving, intelligent, mature and sensible and caring Bachelorette, if one existed. Couldn’t care less for the cup holders.

Reminder about this giveaway happening on Monday night, tune in for more excellent highlights from games past and another spin o’ the wheel.

Thanks again to the generous folks at


Old Gil is feelin’ lucky!

Sorry peeps, due to the rather rude intervention of reality into my plans I’ve had to push this back till tomorrow evening at 8pm.

And our winner is…@RoryBunk

Commiserations to @Rowdy and @redkat who just missed out.

Send me your postal details and I’ll pass them on.

Many thanks again to the generosity of for providing this months prize, I have the reusable pod at home now and my wife and eldest daughter love it.


Woohoo! No prayers needed! Atheism delivers!