Potential Australia World Cup 2030 or 2034 Bid

Australia considers joint bid with Indonesia to host 2034 World Cup

  • FFA confirms it has held talks with Asian nation
  • Australia is bidding to host 2023 Women’s World Cup

Football Federation Australia has revealed it has held discussions with Indonesia about making a joint bid for the 2034 Fifa World Cup.

“Football Federation Australia confirms it has held discussions with the Indonesia Football Association (PSSI) about the possibility to jointly bid for the 2034 Fifa World Cup,” FFA said.

“An Indonesia-Australia joint bid was also discussed at last week’s Asean Football Federation Council meeting in Laos.”

The FFA statement comes days after the Thai prime minister, Prayuth Chan-ocha, said 10 countries from the Asean bloc, including Indonesia, would bid for the tournament at a news conference in Bangkok on Sunday.

FFA said it noted the joint South East Asian bid was endorsed at the Asean summit.

“FFA welcomes the opportunity to further discuss a Asean bid for the 2034 Fifa World Cup with fellow member associations in the region,” the statement added.

Australia has already launched an official bid to host the Women’s World Cup in 2023.

Doubt it would get up over a mooted China 2030/34 bid

Great, another pointless distraction! Just what football needed!


2034, not long to wait now…

Do we never learn…

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I’ve come round to finding it really hard to justify Australia hosting a WC:

  • FIFA are horrible; don’t want involvement with them
  • All the investment will just go towards improving facilities for AFL and NRL
  • Winter world cups are shit
  • We’ve got so many problems in our game that it would only be a temporary band aid

A world cup final in jarkarta could be aces thou.

Surely by 2034 the band aid won’t be needed… By then the league will either be thriving or will have folded


Agree but it won’t hurt. Uruguay/Germany came at the perfect time. If it wasnt for that we might not have got as far as we have.

I can back this bid if there are games in Bali and Lombok and the Scandinavians countries play here. Swedes in bikinis!

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Only a quick 8hr flight between Jakarta and sydney…

About the same as Toronto to Mexico City

Sounds good…

Would love another crack at hosting the world cup in my life time, but 2034 makes zero sense.

2030 is almost definitely going to the Argentina/Uruguay/Paraguay bid to go with the 100th anniversary of the first world cup in Uruguay. Fifa has spoken very positively about this bid already.

Youd think 2034 may go to Europe given it would have been 16 years since Russia. China is making noises about 2034, but I think 2038 is more likely.
After that, youd have to think that Africa or North America may be interested again.

I’m not sure where that leaves an Australian bid. Maybe New Zealand will be part of a joint Asia/Oceania confederation by then and you could have a joint Australian world cup around 2050.

I believe that FIFA may be looking to commemorate the 2034 WC by celebrating what they will name, “The Golden Years of Blatter” by replicating the 2022 WC bid processes and resulting controversies, by granting Tasmania official and exclusive hosting rights for '34.

All new Stadia will be constructed entirely from native timbers, and the final itself will be held on a specially built ground floating on the Franklin.

As part of these good will “negotiations”, the Final hosting Stadium, as well as the island of Tasmania will be hauled back to Zurich to form a new water feature in front of FIFA HQ.


Once again reports about us bidding for 2030 or 2034 bid still. I had assumed 2030 was Uruguay/ South America and 2034 was probably China.


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We need to bid for tournaments that require stadium construction / upgrades to a capacity of 25,000 to 35,000 (eg; Women’s World Cup, Youth World Cup, Asian Cup). The Men’s World Cup will either see football played in large cricket grounds or oversized rectangular white elephants built around the country. Truely stupid idea.

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Australia 2030.

“So, where the bloody hell are ya?”

GROUP.IE » Australian Bid for Fifa World Cup 2022

I really feel 2030 will go to South America. Which means 2034 will have been 16 years since a world cup was held in Europe. I dont see Australia winning either of those bids.

You’d have to be mad to bid again after the shambles of the 2022 bid and the dogginess involved. We dodged a bullet with that one anyway thanks to our enemy Covid.

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