Pre-Season 20/21

Bit of a hit out for the lads against Manly, 1-1 draw. Korea with the goal.

I wonder if we’ll get any public games. I suspect not but I’d love to go to one.

One thing I find weird is that we always seem to have these average results against NPL teams in the pre-season, but since so many of these games are behind closed doors, we never really get to see why. Obviously its nothing to be hugely concerned about, because we always dominate when the season starts but its strange how we always seem to get bad results against worse opposition in the pre-season. Maybe just due to lack of match fitness? But even if we weren’t 100% fit I feel we would still be significantly better than Manly United.

I’d say it’s a combination of factors. A game this early in the preseason is more about testing tactical/positional ideas, giving the players an opportunity for match fitness and seeing how some of the fringe/youth players are progressing. They often have unlimited subs, and can see a completely different side field the second half for example.

Pre-season for us, end of season for them. I’d say that in itself would make a large difference. I’d be more concerned if this came much closer to the new season.

The lads beat Sydney Olympic this morning 4-0, kosta with two, buhagiar & wood with the others.

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Aside from Bratten and McGowan, was the rest of the first team playing?

Based on the photos on Instagram, it looks like Brattan played. I can also see Ninko, Retre, Grant, Caceres and I’m pretty sure Zullo out there. So I’d say we were playing our best available team.

Whole squad backed up and “trained” with the Junior Blue Buddies members today and did signing session after. Props to the the club for the re-organised session. My boy scored three and tackled Ryan Grant twice!!

I love this club!


2-1 win over macarthur today, buhagiar with both for us.

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Three for Trent in pre season so far, good signs

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What happened to THB?
Looks like he’s lost his squad number.

No idea, looks like he’s still with the squad:

Macarthur Bulls FC btw? I thought they went with “Macarthur FC” and “Bulls” was a separate nickname.

Was anyone on here able to watch the game? Keen to hear how we got on and also how the Bulls looked…

*Campbelltown Cows

Apparently we played Dunbar in a friendly and they made us wear bibs because we both play in blue :rofl:

We won 3-1 according to the photographer who was there:

Fuck Dunbar!


We’re playing the olyroos at kogs next Thursday, tix now available!

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