Pre-season 2022 - Other clubs

Some other clubs with pre-season friendlies coming up. When our first pre-season friendlies are announced we can get our own thread

Brisbane vs Leeds on Thursday night and Villa next week, and Melbourne vs Man U on Friday.

Looks like 10 is showing the games.

I get to Brisbane on Thursday evening!

Yeah, I still won’t go.

What’s the name for this game? The Great Cunt-off?


That was the Wimbledon final.


The Shit Town Showdown!

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I assume Corica is going to be using the first 8 weeks of the season actual to play his ‘pre-season friendlies’.

Or does he think the season is kicking off in November after our little showdown with Everton?

Off-season spoilers blurred out:

While it feels like an eternity (NO SIGNINGS) since the season ending with frustratingly little (NO SIGNINGS) movement on the squad development front (NO SIGNINGS), meaning we are left with half of a mid-table squad (NO SIGNINGS) and a bunch of youngsters (NO SIGNINGS), it’s actually worth bearing in mind that Cup excluded, we are less than half way (NO SIGNINGS) through the off-season, so we can continue to have our enthusiasm for next season (NO SIGNINGS)) entirely made up of… “stadium is nice” for a couple of months yet (NO SIGNINGS) while we save on wages and wait to pick up whomever is left (NO SIGNINGS) in late August/September.

This for me adds up to no signings.


Looks like there are plenty of tickets left for this one based on the seat availability showing on Ticketek…

Its not even in Brisbane!

Leeds play Brisbane on the Gold Coast and play Villq in Brisbane. Makes sense

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Oakleigh Cannons getting a mention in a game involving a Premier League club. You love to see it.

Robin Koch. Made up name, surely.

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Good way for a triallist to get a contract

Ivanovic with a neat run

Jay O’Shea is playing out of his skin. Clearly a level above within that Brisbane team

He’s a signing Fowler got very right. Mainly a league one and two career and looking pretty underwhelming when he signed but he’s been class


Well. Didn’t expect that

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Good break to be honest.

Folami had the composure there for a good ball across

Harry Maguire even making victory look good


Yeah that line ball through to Folami was pretty sweet.