Pro Wrestling Thread - Now We Conquer


Can’t believe I’m heading off shortly for the Tokyo Dome.

It was just an idle idea 11 months ago and suddenly it’s now here. This is an achieving of a great dream today, so psyched!

Have a great WK day all, enjoy what’s going to be a brilliant show. I know I will!


Highly entertaining WK13. Seemed to be fitting farewell to Cody and Co.

That Tanahashi table bump. OMAGAWD


That was so damn cool to be there to see. Wild ride.


So Omega’s leaving Japan and the rumble is weeks away, so that means… he’s joining AEW


Just purchased tickets for myself and two of my boys to go and see EPW in Perth. Will be their first live wrestling show.

Hoping they have fun.


Getting into the 3 months of the year wwe is slightly watchable. Almas vs mysterio on SD was fantastic. Who’s everyone’s pick for the rumble(s)? Surely Rollins takes the men’s and Lynch for the women’s


I am not making any predictions or guessing at who might win. This is my favourite time of the year to just sit back and let the madness unfold before me!

EPW is top notch, some of my favourite wrestlers are EPW guys.


just realised the rumble is on a public holiday woo


That’s a real great bonus, it’s always a bit of a pain going through the day not looking at any form of social media and catching the show in the evening. Nothing beats watching it as it is actually happening.


What’s the easiest way to watch the rumble other than forking out for the wwe streaming ?


And I went and had a look myself and there’s a month free trial for wwe network.
There’s that sorted.


Due to an issue with the recording of the last PWA show, they’ve put the whole thing up on youtube for free.

Anyone who has a bit of free time, I recommend it highly, it was a hell of a night!


After another great takeover, heres hoping for a decent Rumble

The length of the PPV is already a factor working against them, but I’m happy with the card

hopefully the dream makes an appeareance


My ideal results from the Royal Rumble show today:

Daniel Bryan
Sasha Banks
Cesaro & Sheamus
Finn Balor

No preference of winner for women’s rumble.

Samoa Joe for men’s rumble, Wrestlemania match against Balor.


me 2 cents

Bryan wins, sets up mania
Asuka, too early for her to drop the title
Rousey - I think they’ll leave it on Ronda so she goes into mania the holder
Miz and the greatest wrestler of all time win - to set up miz turning on shane (id rather a shane heel turn though)
Balor - fucking please, you gain nothing having the belt on Brock. He doesnt need it anyway, you get the same payoff just having him show up every few months

Womens rumble - no idea
Men’s: Joe would be great , but Braun’s late inclusion… hmmmm

Obviously we get Kenny O is showing up in the rumble, breaching his contact with New Japan and throwing away that creative freedom.


LOL WTF textbook shooting star press from the 49yr old


So looks like we will get Becky vs Ronda at Mania


Great end to the womens rumble. Feel sorry for Bryan and Styles having to follow it


Yeah shane was a proper holy shit moment.


Rousey vs Lynch, I can see them putting that on last, first women’s Main Event at a Wrestlemania.

So far happy with this show, all matches enjoyable even if the women’s Rumble ending was easy to see coming from a mile away. Thumbs up so far!