Pro Wrestling Thread - Now We Conquer


got tickets for PWA - 23/03/2019


Damn good decision. Main event will be great. Matty Wahlberg is going to be a mega star. A bit of time upcoming in the Fale dojo is going to add even more to his game.


they’ve sold out VIP - Front Row and GA - Seated (Downstairs)


It’s great, seated tickets sell out pretty much each show now. A packed out Max Watts is becoming a special place in the Australian scene.


whole thing sold out now, should be fun


Heads up for others interested, tickets are now on sale for the next PWA event as of yesterday (Friday May 10th) and front row tickets sold out already. Might be worth getting in early as PWA have written on Facebook : “Ticket prices are a little higher than normal, you might discover after March 23’s event a few international and interstate reasons for that are announced.”

Also tickets for the 2019 Colosseum tournament (now a two-day tournament (Fri/Sat Oct 18/19) are also on sale already.

In other tour news, World Series Wrestling have revealed the star guest for their next tour, it is Penta El Zero M aka Pentagon Jr. That’s going to be a hot one for sure.


I like that they are getting guys back from Japan to Australia now.
People are realising that the events here are worth the travel back and are helping them.


Matty Wahlberg vs Caveman Ugg.


If you weren’t there, you weren’t there, man. That was something else.


Good matches, hot crowd, money well spent.


Talking to Jack Bonza last night, he says they’ve already sold over 100 tickets for the May show. That’s in what, two days? Great times for PWA.


Upcoming stuff for anyone interested:

Newcastle Pro Wrestling #77 (30/3) Charlestown Bowling Club
Wrestling GO! Let the Games Begin (6/4) Marayong Community Centre
Wrestling GO! GOlympic Games 3 (27/4) Blacktown RSL
BCW Lucha Downunderground II (28/4) Actors Centre Australia, Leichhardt
PWA: Once Upon a Time in Max Watts (10/5) Max Watts
WSW International Assault: Zero Fear (23/6) Evan Theatre, Penrith Panthers


Penta El Zero M, Jordynne Grace, Joey Janela and Rich Swann confirmed so far for the World Series tour in June. Gotta assume Marty Scurll & Brody King will be coming back as defending tag champions.


Bret Hart speared by some loser from the crowd at the HOF

and then Enzo and Cass show up the G1 (this looked like a work)


The result in the main event went the way I was hoping for. Rest of the card mixed bag as far as quality goes, ROH side of the show let the team down bigtime.

Seeing my all time favourite wrestler in the Honor Rumble absolutely made my day. (Great Muta)


njpw is coming back, show in Melbourn on June 29. Sydney show to be announced in next few days


That is a 100% must-see show for sure.

Really hope that we get to see Liger on tour, his last ever appearance down this way for sure.

Get behind the #NJPWThunderStorm push too on the twitter if possible, there could be no cooler match than seeing Jushin Thunder Liger vs Davis Storm from EPW. It would be worth the ticket price alone.


Brian Cage returning to World Series in June, Jeff Cobb (hell yeah!) joining the tour for the first time. Would love to see those two have a match in Penrith.


Tickets for New Japan Pro Wrestling show in Sydney (June 30) just went on sale. It’s at the UNSW Roundhouse so there are not a mass of tickets available.

Get in quick if you’re keen! On Ticketek.


was keen until i saw it was $100 for standing tickets


Well worth it I would say. A lot of people wouldn’t bat an eyelid at paying $100 for a rock concert by an overseas act. This isn’t much different.