Qatar 2022: A slave to Blatter

Holy shit that’s massive.

Different link because the above didn’t work for me:

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No need for pornhub tonight


I’m shocked. Shocked and surprised.

Won’t change anything though

Throw away the key.

The only thing that could make this better is if the proof came from man city

In the most predictable thing to have ever happened Tim Cahill has taken on a role as an ambassador for Qatar ‘22, and even stated how excited he was when he heard they were the winning bid… errr… :joy:

“I had the privilege to actually be in Switzerland at the time Qatar won the [rights to host the] World Cup. I remember afterwards talking about Qatar’s presentation; just seeing the elements of the stadiums being built visually, and then the way they were all getting lifted off and transferred to different countries. All this stuff was mind-blowing. They took the technology to a different level – everyone in that room was really impressed. To be sitting here today to see that concept in action; the stadiums, the air conditioning; it’s incredible.”

His thumbs are gonna be so sore from blocking people on Twitter he won’t be able to pen his next book “How To Destroy One’$ Legacy”.

What a fucking sellout. Makes me sick.

Revoke the citizenship

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Funnily enough, the bullshit title they have given him instead of the more economical “shill” is something like Delivery & Legacy Committee, which fair play to the Qataris, is epic content if they meant it that way.

This validates everything a lot of us have thought about him for years.


I’ve always defended Timmy but get fucked

For me, if you took our bid out of the picture this would be in line with Tim’s behaviour and “vision” bullshit from recent years and it wouldn’t bother me so much. Timmy knows about the stench surrounding this whole world cup, we all know it.

But considering what hosting this WC would have done for us as a footballing nation, it’s quite sickening to read those quotes. With the A-League’s struggles this would be a perfect time for a very significant injection of funds and media interest in football. It was only a year or so ago I was at his sort-of testimonial at ANZ and I was proud to be there, celebrating his fantastic playing career. I’m less and less proud of him as time goes on.

It’s been all downhill since K-Town.

Don’t forget that nonsense move from City to Millwall and pissing on the A-League that he was no longer good enough to start in on his way out. He was just a shit Matt Simon by the end and tried to sell it through the media to ensure his ticket and real testimonial in Brazil.

Badge of honour:


Shithouse move to take the Qatar job, bur completely unsurprising. Was in rare agreement with Robbie Slater when he gave him both barrels on the Fox pod.

And on it goes…

Let’s just cancel Qatar 2022 and say it was because of coronavirus.