Random Football Musings


But would you trade them all in for 1 Townsville Cup?


Cunts never won an Oceania Cup. Fuck him.


Never won an A League title either. THE premier football competition in this country


Do I need to point out that Sydney FC is currently undefeated against Barcelona??


Here will do…


I quite like it.


Looks like a rehab mobility/pressure point ball.


I don’t get the concept of “flying truer.” I mean it’s a round ball, it’ll fly to where you kick it. If it doesn’t you haven’t kicked it right. Can see it going the same way as the Jubilani

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It looks nice and everything, but it doesn’t look like a football. The minimal white colour scheme really helps the most important component “pop” - the nike logo. Cunts.


Footballs should be black and white hexagons.


*and pentagons. Couldn’t make a sphere otherwise…


Pfft, black & white shapes. You modernistas.


Has Hilly hacked your account eddie?


We all know that the only ball is the head of our conquered enemies.


Apparently the latest model has been an unqualified success, going viral in almost all countries.


So has Corona

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Dude, have you ever been near one of those old balls?

Fuck that. They’re fucked.



I’m disappointed that wasn’t a trailer for a new version of journey to the west.


Jay FC should use that for his a league bloopers at the end of the season.