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Cote d’Ivoire v Nigeria in the AFCON final.

Orange v Green should look great on the screen too. I love jerseys that don’t have your typical blue, red, white and variations on that theme.

I don’t get this bit. Every other Bundesliga club went through COVID as well yet they came out okay. What were they doing that was so drastically different that resulted in such a financially destructive outcome?

A comparable club would be Stuttgart. They and Schalke share a similar record since 2000, have a 60k stadium and suffered a shock relegation at the end of the 18/19 season (Schalke made it to the Round of 16 in the CL this season). They then spent the COVID year in 2.Bundesliga where there would’ve been less financial compensation through tv rights as well as no crowds Both clubs then spent the post-COVID season in the Bundesliga yet COVID smashed Schalke but not Stuttgart?

It just doesn’t add up.

Id say the same reason why a whole bunch of other companies went bust during Covid and others survived. Shalke committed to an 80 million Euro upgrade to training facilities, then they lost $20 million Euro a year from Gazprom, then screwed up with a whole bunch of signings. By everything I read, they’ve spent the past 5 or so years just trying to survive with no actual plans on long term signings or anything else. They’ve tried to shoe players into specific positions that shouldn’t have been there and so on. It’s just been a classic cases of huge mismanagement.

Barcelona went the exact same way. They got badly screwed over by Covid and ended up losing a crapload of money. It comes down to the clubs that are operating on day to day rather than long term.

Sorry but Barca went berserk paying insane transfer fees (edit: and wages). They lost over 300 million euros on three players alone (Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann). COVID wasn’t the cause of their financial issues.

Barcelona was playing in hundreds of millions in debt long before Covid.

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But they also lost approximately 200 million Euro in revenue over that two year period. That’s a pretty big loss. They were obviously more issues there prior to that, but it was so obvious that the club was being run to a very fine line that it meant that any significant change to earnings meant they would be unable to service the debt.

Barcelona is partly due to pressure from Petro states’s sportswashing projects. How can a club trying to generate money from football and associated activities, compete with that shit from unaccountable dictatorships. I mean lots of mismanagement occurred, but in trying to keep.up with the impossible.

Also, on this, if they spent 80m on an upgrade of facilities then surely they could clear their debt by selling said facility.
They didn’t spend that 80m on an aged stadium, it’s a modern day stadium with a removable pitch.

They’ve already mortgaged part of their broadcasting revenue for a decade. If they start selling other assets they will be well and truly fucked.

Schalke have or are you talking about Barca?

Barca sorry! Crossed wires on my part.

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I mean you still need to find someone to buy the facility. I can’t see that many people interested in paying 80 million (or even close to that) for what would have been a fully Schalke 04 branded facility that was made purely for football.



Would love 1 of those

Are we sure that’s not a cosmetic endorsement, like the late night UnZid infomercial?

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A smokey delivery in Germany between Rostock and Hamburg.


The irony of Harry Kane leaving to go to Bayern Munich to win trophies, only to look like they’re not going to win the league for the first time since 2012. Bayern Leverkusen currently 8 points ahead