Remaining A-League Fixtures Discussion


Fat Jamie Soward


Are the RBB boycotting this game too?


Maybe they prefer their COVID parties.


If this Newcastle squad strengthens a little, they might have a really good season next time around. A lot to like there.

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I think the same can be said for all the teams in the A-League except for CCM, Victory and the Sydney FC team that turned up last night.


If next season is Berisha’s last, he needs to bring the Mohawk back.


The one with the blonde tips, yes!




Berisha is still a massive twat


Looking forward to the basement battle tonight… i’d love a CCM win

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Now that is shit keeping


Birighitti…Jesus wept


Worst thing was he just stood there after it, at least try to get back into goals you dickhead.

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I have wanted nothing more today than one of those Simon chances to go in.

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Get in!


I miss Matt Simon.


Hell yeah. Now hold on!


Hahaha yes please

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Awesome. I guess we’ll have a new youth signing next season lol.


I want mariners to play victory every week.