Round 12 - 2019/20 Discussion

Friday 7:30 - Adelaide vs Wests
Saturday 5:00 - WU vs Nux
Saturday 7:30 - Jets vs Roar
Tuesday 7:00 - CCM vs Perth

Perth and a goal will break again, leading to a repeat of the chaos of last season’s NYE game.


Destruction to the goal post!

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The A-League really doesn’t help itself with the lack of fixtures at this time of year. We should have games on almost every night around now.


They did that a few years ago. No idea why they stopped. I suspect the club’s didn’t like the really inconsistent gaps between games.

Because metrics, I suspect.

It’d be great for us tragics but the average person doesn’t give a fuck about midweek football, holiday period or otherwise.

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MIdweek football is stupid.

Football should be played at 3pm on Saturday from Autumn, through Winter and into Spring.

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Yes,it is…just look at most parks at that time!

Give him a year or two of first team experience and Toure will rip this league apart.

That’s been coming. Adelaide should be one or two up.

So you’re now allowed to kick out at a player after being fouled with no repercussions

The lack of even a yellow is ridiculous

This is what happens when you put Kurt Ams anywhere near the control of a football match.

How did VAR take over two minutes to decide if that crossed the line? It seemed very clear.

VAR is as useless as ScoMo.

Adelaide getting Beathed!

I think Sweigler was right to blow up at officials who made eight players run half the length of the field in 40 degree heat when it was such an obvious offside.

It is Var stuffing up the game again.