Round 13 - Sydney FC vs Melbourne - 27/4/21

Playing this on a Tuesday night is going to feel weird. I’m not sure how the new coach bounce will sput them on at this point.



For Tomorrow’s Tuesday?


Fuck Their Team!

It almost feels like the “new manager bounce” lasted about 75 minutes. That last 15 minutes was classic 2021 Victory doing their best to throw it away.

At least we have Grant (and probably Retre to the starting team) back for this one. I wonder if we will see Caceres or ABJ giving way. Van Der Saag obviously back to the bench, but I was quite pleased with his performance against the Mariners.

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Pretty sure Grant got 2 games for his straight red

Pretty sure DOGSO should only be 1.

McManaman, Kruse and brimmer all suspended

Has an extended punishment been announced for Traore yet? Or is he free to play while the A-League procrastinates on announcing a punishment?

Horrendous look for league admin if they cant hand down the punishment prior to this game. Precedent on this suggests his season is over.

It’s been 9 days, already a pretty awful look for the league IMO…

Forbid Truculent Traore

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Good to see Pavlesic back from that nasty shoulder injury.


Weekly trackwork whinge: this game kicks off at 7:30, instead of every other game lately kicking off at 7pm. That means it won’t finish until 9:30 and makes it only just impossible to get back to Town Hall before 9:50 when the trackwork begins.

So heads-up for anyone trying to head back over the Bridge afterwards, you’ll be on a shitty replacement bus.

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On the other hand, 7.30 means it’s possible to get a day of work in AND eat something better than a stadium pie for dinner AND make it to the game on time, which is a win!


F*ck The…Turds?

For The Team


Fold The Tclub


It’s official, Alfie to make Sydney FC return next month but will be on the bench to begin with.

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"Victory defender Adama Traore remains suspended, while Robbie Kruse, Callum McManaman and Jake Brimmer miss through yellow-card accumulation suspensions.

Ryan Shotton (knee) and Marco Rojas (broken leg) are also still sidelined."

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