Round 14 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 24/03/21

I like the fact that all the youngsters are getting rotated to get their chance up top

We should be starting Calem but otherwise I don’t hate it. Keen to see how Ivanovic works with Bobo.

Congrats to KB. :slightly_smiling_face:

Already one good run from Ivanovic, let’s keep that up

He just needs to remember that the point of a run like that is to set up Bobo for a tap in


Such a good record against Perth. They really are our biatches

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Promising passage that! Nice header

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Ivanovic looking great so far.

Keep it up Bernie.

Dodgy little knee knock on MIlos from the Wanderers reject.

I hope The Shed brings out the classic “knick knack paddy whack” to their dog shit repertoire…

Fuck off. We all know Rhyno and Calver nicked Bernie’a nickname from this forum


Goalies do go god mode when they play us…

Grant looked offside to me.

Bloody hell we’re up for this though.

we’re all over them…

Even Wilko making a foray into the final third.

Oh look a team playing deep & compact against us. Haven’t seen that before.

missing kosta’s finishing atm


This does look like a Popovic bus defence

There needs to be a two touch rule for Caceres