Round 14 - Sydney FC vs Newcastle - 19/1/19

On the plus side that would possibly give Devlin another shot.

Ninkovic is alright apparently


The club is clearly trying to drum up support to get people out tonight. I just got a text reminder that there’s a game tonight.

Does anyone have a PAX?

There’ll be a round of applause for Hakeem Al Araibi on the fifth minute:


Caceres in for Brillante. Ninkovic is sick so isn’t picked. No Retre on the bench either but Warland is bsck there.

Score predictions? I’m thinking a disappointing 1-1.

Think I called it here.


Could be mistaken but I’m pretty sure I saw Roly Bonevacia in one of the stands. I’m praying he’s here scouting or something and that he’s not linked to the club.

How long has been since Sydney fielded a team that did not have a Milos starting?

Best way to confirm is to breathe on them, if he drops and rolls around for 2-3 mins it’s him.


Don’t bloody panic me like that. Wouldn’t pass the no dickheads policy.

Paging @Rowdy on that one. I’m at the ground so can’t check but I suspect it might be an FFA Cup game in one of the last couple of years.

Anyone know why the ground looks like shit?

Ninko missed both matches against Kashima last season. I think the last A-League match he didn’t start was vs City in Dec 2017

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Tratt has twinged his groin…

Fuck that’s horrible for Tratt

Shame about Ninkovic

Great effort by ALF early on

Bugger about Tratt. 20/20 hindsight and all that, but its odd that Retre is not on the bench

Retre was reported as being in doubt during the week. Doubt he was dropped

Thanks for the info

No worries. The article I linked that claimed Ninkovic was alright said:

“Fellow midfielder Paulo Retre also missed training during the week because of illness“

Jair is all over Calver. He just can’t cope with the pace.