Round 14 - Western United vs Sydney FC - 23/02/22

Remember that this is 5:35 on Wednesday! That’ll get the crowds in!

Not just crowds - TV audience too. I’ll be on a work call and miss ANOTHER game.

We get these fools while they’re sniffing their own farts.

Fuck em up.

does anyone know if derby tickets for the 5th march have gone on sale yet nothing from the club regarding tickets

Yes, look for an email in your inbox from the club on Jan 28. Tickets are very cheap with the member discount, active adult is $18. They don’t seem to be selling that hot (maybe not surprising since the promo is buried within a random club email).

This is a great game to win,They are imposters.Cant play much football if praying DeAmantis is nullified.Burgess can do that and will be very familiar.

Can’t wait to watch this in the car during peak hour traffic down King Georges Rd.

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lol I just read the thread properly. 5:30 kick off, what the fuck are they doing. Do they even want people to watch. No chance I’ll be able to catch this live. I don’t want to open a can of worms here but what’s the approx time that Paramount get the replay up? Will I be able to see it tonight?

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Shame you won’t see it, maybe catch the end?

With Paramount anything is possible, the good things about them is they came up with reasonable $$$ and the price is cheap.

The sweetness of a low price doesn’t match the bitterness of a crap service.

Sometimes no glitches but lately thats rare.I hope the replay fits your schedule.

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Recently KeepUp Youtube channel has been putting the full replays up right after the game, worth a shot although quality might be a bit worse than paramount even if set to 1080p

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Cheers will check that out for sure

You mean highlights, not full replays, right?

The KeepUp app is handy for one thing, and that’s putting goals etc up mid-game in case you’ve missed them. The highlights are also up fairly promptly post-match.

But if they had full replays up, man that would be bad news for my Paramount subscription.

It’s weird but yep, full replays. They’re usually put up right after the broadcast then taken down a few hours later though (you won’t find any there now).

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That is superb intel. :+1:

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To prove I’m not going crazy I remember posting one here from ages ago, looks like they basically unlist the video:

Wilko Ninkovic and Amini all on the bench


Are we playing tonight?

That is a brittle looking defensive line.

Also I guess we get to find out if Bobo is still up to starting.

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Yeah…in around an hour :sweat_smile:. This has been a weird season.

Wilko on the bench…cannot remember him missing a game. We have some great subs at least.