Round 15 - Adelaide vs Sydney FC - 28/03/21

This could get ugly with the run Adelaide have been on

Agree - no Grant

Probably good money to put on a 3-0 loss

Is Kosta back?

While we’ve been lackluster, we’ve by no means been totally shit. Milos is still there FFS.

2-0 loss incoming.


If we can fold the Club before Sunday, we won’t have to worry about the result…

But what will I do Sunday evening and complain about on Monday?

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Shit. Wait. Motogp is back this weekend. I can complain about Jack not winning.

Fold the club!

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Sorry, not sure where to write this, and a silly question no doubt. Which section is active for us at BankWest? 201, 202 or 203?

If I recall correctly they’re in the 2nd tier and the active is on the first tier.

It’ll be in 102 primarily, but also 101 & 103

Phew, got tickets in 203 and didn’t want to get in the active fans way.

Worried about your prawn sandwiches getting ruined Vic?

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Can see another draw incoming after a dominant performance. We are pretty heavily the bookie’s favourites to win. Will Kosta be back? Will Trent be back? Surely has been several weeks for Trent now. I don’t even want to ask about Zullo…

Calf, 1 week. He’s getting the finest treatment for it in the Multi Function Polis, then will make his way to Sydney via High Speed Rail in time for our matches in April.


Of course, they would get soggy due to the beer showers.


Had to google. WTF?

The MFP was truly one of the most wondrous ideas in Australian history.

Sometimes we like to drop something in from the dim dark days to blow you whippersnappers’ minds.


If you mention the Bradfield Scheme to the kids today they’ll no believe you!

I had an alternative version of Bradfield in my head whereby we used hydraulic lifts to raise the Eastern side of Queensland to facilitate the water flow inland.

On 2nd thoughts, Adelaide 2-1.

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