Round 17 - Perth vs Sydney FC - 12/03/22

A trip to Perth in the middle of our fixture congestion is probably the last thing we need. Another game where I don’t see either team setting the world alight.

I can nap on the couch!

More Segecic please.

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Good to see that everyone is in enthused abut this game. I’m so enthused I’m watching Dully play instead.

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Hopefully most are out enjoying the rare fine weather. For tonight’s game my only hope is to see some of the new generation play more: yazbek, nieuwenhof, and wood.

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I just want to see us put out our best XI in a system that allows them to play competent football.

Never mind.


Still with Retre for fucks sake!! Watch him be directly responsible for conceding a goal.

I’m excited about the midfield but Kosta should in no way be starting tonight. Ridiculous.

Yazbek and Narsingh is enough to get me keen for the one.


No wood on a Saturday night

Milos must be too dreamy to fly that far, we only play there the once this season so maybe he’s just got the week off. No Wood is disappointing and Segecic also hard done by to be left out.

I’m gonna spend the next hour wishing it’s a 4-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 with Maxi at 10 (and which would also suit Musti better off the bench), then when it’s not I will lose my shit and have to look sheepish when passing the neighbours all week.


Have they told us what happened to Cáceres?

I thought this game was tomorrow.

What if that lineup is a 4-3-3, with Yazbek as the single pivot…

This isn’t the joke thread


Then Amini should still be playing ahead of Retre.

Yeah. No Amini or Caceres.

Have to assume fitness…?

Amini is on the bench, they just said Ninko tight hammy and Caceres bruised foot.

Ninko AND Caceres out is the perfect time to play sans box.

Narsingh playing up front.