Round 17 - Sydney FC vs Perth - 7/4/21

Perth have been on pretty patchy form but got a point out of us a couple of weeks ago

Midweek football sucks.

Also, peach baguette.

Castro is out due to a knee injury.

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First of 3 home games for the club this week, good times.

Clean sweep please folks.

A win here will see us go fourth… which is probably a fair reflection of where will should be based on our back four alone

Is anyone else also only realising that we have home games when the match threads go up?


Yeah, tend to agree. We’ve conceded the fewest goals in the competition, you’d usually expect a team to be in top 5 or higher based on that stat alone. Just need to get the goals going in the other end.

Yeah it;s all coming irregularly, making it hard to keep up. Also I’m used to taking anything more than a week or two away with a grain of salt so don’t look very far ahead.
All these midweek games, are causing us to miss loads of games.

Castro out is a huge loss for them.

Our easy win over Victory was important, we really conserved energy in the second half which sets us up well.

Am hoping we can go 2 or 3 up first half tonight (which is how it should have been in Perth) and also take it easy which gives us a chance against City on the weekend, otherwise think they will be too good for us - unfortunately just like last time when we had to play them with 2 days rest which was pretty ridiculous.

This one completely caught me off guard. I had already committed to training tonight so no way to make this. Also some of my calendar apps are either not updating or are only staying a month ahead.

City are still soft as marshmallow’s and totally incapable of stringing 90 minutes together.

I agree tbh, even when we were down 3-0 against them I thought we were still in it and we almost snatched a draw.

I also think we gave them PTSD from when we beat them last year with 10 men and were a goal down (and missed a pen). I remember the post-game interview with Griffiths and he admitted that we had some sort of mental dominance over them that they struggled with. Beating them in the GF probably added to that.

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It’s not just us though, CCM came back from 2-0 down against them this year, they’ve also lost to Newcastle (granted that was before Nabbout came back and they hit form playing super direct).

Even in the last week Western rode their luck but rolled them, and Welly almost took points off them on Monday night despite seemingly doing their best to lose that game with some of the shit turnovers. If they don’t put teams away when they’re flying they are still more susceptible than most to throw points away imo.

Anyways, tonight. Perth were complete garbage against Macarthur, I expect they’ll be much better tonight even without Castro. Will be interesting to see if we’re at all improving in breaking down packed defences. Score early and I’ve no doubt we will go on with it, but the longer it takes the closer we will be to folding the club.

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Though to be fair the defending premiers aren’t stringing nudging much above half that per match either. It’s the A-League and they are looking a cut above. On current form the best any team has managed since Arnie left.

So, ABJ in for Caceres … but Hof doesn’t even make the bench? Injured? For sale? Too good to play for us? Made eyes at Corica’s wife?

Did more and looked better than Retre in his short stint, Corica will not put up with outdoing his golden boy, so clearly has to be dropped

“Back tightness” come on he’s a kid, kids don’t get tight backs, at least just put calf 1 week

Presumably it’s a tight back from carrying the midfield every time he plays.


Keeping the kid off the market for as long as we can. This season isn’t important for us.

Sure we’d like to win things, but nobody will be upset if we don’t.

The players came out for the warm up, heard thunder, went back into the sheds. Expect the delay announcement to come any minute now.

Big lightning now.

I’ll be upset if we don’t win the comp. But I’m just being greedy.