Round 17 - Sydney vs Brisbane- 31/1/20

Looking forward to this one, I hope we tear it up.

The timing of the Brattan re-signing is delicious too - he would have been a glimmer of hope for Roar fans.


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Caceres in for Baumjohann obviously. Does leave little experience on the bench.

We get Buhagiar back and hopefully Zullo?

I think Zullo is still a week or two away.

We won this on a spreadsheet months ago.

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The cell in the spreadsheet was coloured sky blue, not orange.

Does that we mean we get some funding from the Government?

*taps nose

Ah damn. I was looking to see if there was any news this week but the weekly squad lists don’t seem to be out yet.

The Youth league final is on beforehand, which is great, but i have to ask, do they not do ET and pens for the Yleague final?

If it starts at 4:30 and ends in the 90, then no problems, the mens team comes out and warms up like normal 40ish minutes before the main game. If it were to go to all the way to pens it would go till roughly the mens teams kick off time.

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Note: The kick-off time has been set to allow for the possibility of extra-time and/or penalty shoot-out prior to the Hyundai A-League fixture.

Oh… Thanks.


sort of off-topic but i’m of the opinion you should automatically go to penalty shoot-outs if it’s a draw after 90 minutes in a knock-out.

no i’m not bitter about the 2018 semi


2018 was the year they cancelled the finals series


Sydney FC v Brisbane Roar

Friday, 31 January 2020
Netstrata Jubilee Stadium, Kogarah
Kick-Off: 7:30pm (Local) (7:30pm (AEDT))

Referee: Chris Beath
Assistant Referee 1: Anton Shchetinin
Assistant Referee 2: Matthew McOrist
Fourth Official: Kurt Ams
VAR: Kris Griffiths-Jones

Sydney FC squad:

1.Andrew REDMAYNE (gk), 2.Patrick FLOTTMANN, 4.Alex WILKINSON ©, 6.Ryan McGOWAN, 8. Paulo RETRE, 9. Adam LE FONDRE, 10. Milos NINKOVIC, 11. Kosta BARBAROUSES, 12.Trent BUHAGIAR, 16.Joel KING, 17.Anthony CACERES, 18.Luke IVANOVIC, 20. Thomas HEWARD-BELLE, 21.Harry VAN DER SAAG, 23.Rhyan GRANT, 24.Marco TILIO, 26.Luke BRATTAN, 27.Jordi SWIBEL, 28.Calem NIEUWENHOF, 29. Anton MLINARIC.

2-4 to be omitted

Ins: 12.Trent BUHAGIAR (return from international duty), 20. Thomas HEWARD-BELLE (gk) (return from injury), 24.Marco TILIO (promoted), 27.Jordi SWIBEL (promoted), 28.Calem NIEUWENHOF (promoted), 29. Anton MLINARIC (promoted)

Outs: 5.Alex BAUMJOHANN (suspended – 2 matches), 30.Adam PAVLESIC (gk) (return to NYL squad)

Unavailable: 3.Ben WARLAND (ACL), 7. Michael ZULLO (calf), 19.Chris ZUVELA (knee)

Brisbane Roar FC squad:

1.Max CROCOMBE (gk), 2.Scott NEVILLE, 3.Corey BROWN, 4.Daniel BOWLES, 5.Tom ALDRED ©, 6.Macaulay GILLESPHEY, 8.Jacob PEPPER, 10.Bradden INMAN, 12.Aiden O’NEILL, 19.Jack HINGERT, 20.Aaron AMADI-HOLLOWAY, 21.Jamie YOUNG (gk), 22.Jake MCGING, 23.Dylan WENZEL-HALLS, 25.Rahmat AKBARI, 26.Jay O’SHEA, 27.Kai TREWIN, 28.Izaack POWELL, 30.Mirza MURATOVIC, 77.Scott MCDONALD

2-4 to be omitted

Ins: 12.Aiden O’NEILL (returns from international duty), 27.Kai TREWIN ( promoted), 28.Izaack POWELL (promoted)

Outs: Nil

Unavailable: 29.Jordan COURTNEY-PERKINS (knee – TBC)

We’re going to get Beath baguetted.


Does anyone know if pass outs will be available between the games? I’m keen to go to both but don’t want to eat stadium food for dinner.

Would imagine so, I’ve used pass outs between games previously.

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