Round 18 - Sydney FC vs Western United - 19/03/22

When we played them a few weeks ago they beat us 1-0 but I feel like we’ve maybe started to turn the corner a bit as a side since then (derby aside), or at least we’ve got a bit of a better sense of what our best team looks like.

That said, we’re going to lose.

Id say we’d get arse blasted but is 0-1 an arse blasting?

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Are we gonna be missing half our backline again?

Can we play Retre at RB if Grant is called up?

Surely Talbot goes to right back with O’Toole starting at LB.

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Oh fuck off.

More Socceroo games?

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On form, none of ours guys will be going to the socceroos

You lie!

Sorry, I should have said “they shouldn’t be selected”

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We still have Grant and Redders for this though right? They haven’t needed to go into camp yet surely.

Looks like a lot of disruptions on the railway line out that way this weekend.

No trains between Hurstville and Central, so that means No trains to Carlton.

Yeah, club email a few days ago made note of that. There’s only one replacement bus route that goes to Carlton (the “all stations” one), but another that runs a loop from Redfern to Rockdale and Kogarah. Getting that “express” one and making the slightly longer walk from Kogarah looks to be quicker and easier overall.

Can’t wait to witness another footballing masterclass from the genius that is Paulo retre.


I miss those days, seemingly long gone, where we had pre-game PAX speculation.




We hardly get those anymore either!

That’s why were not going as well this season, the Second Half Announcement has forsaken us. We might need to sacrifice something/someone to appease them?



The league is going so bad this year you can probably just count everyone yourself anyway

Needs must.

I could grow a beard again like when we had that bad run back in 2006/07 but don’t want to start to grow a beard from scratch.