Round 2 - 2020/21 Discussion

Saturday 7:10pm - Melbourne vs Brisbane
Sunday 4:05pm - Macarthur vs CCM
Sunday 6:05pm - Adelaide vs City



Weirdly, Brisbane and Melbourne play each other again in Rd 3 next week.

Pure Evil 2-1 Brisbane
I can’t see Brisbane getting up, sadly, unless they decide they’re going to finish miles better than they did in their last game.

Macarthur 2-0 CCM
Macarthur looked quite good against Western Suburbs at times, and I’m sure they will continue to improve. The goals might come later rather than sooner, though, if Benat and Susaeta come off the bench like in Round 1.

Adelaide 1-2 Melb City
I fancy City to have the class and experience to win this one, but its City, so they could just as easily get wiped 4-0 or something.

Scott McDonald comes across as such a bell end. Thought he was offside for sure then.

Var doing its job. Would be great to see Victory disappointed here tonight.

That was a decent goal. Looks like a handy pick up by the cunts

Very tidy

Hopeless mismanagement of Rojas from Victory there.


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Who was commenting about the victory slow centre backs recently?
They were no chance to stop that

So good.

You love to see it

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First team to ever be coming 12th in the A-League!


Not to mentioned both MVC and WSW at the foot of the ladder. Nice start to the season.

Not quite, think back some years
Edit… now I’m not sure. Did we ever get to 12 teams in the days of GCU and fury, etc?

Only two days in and 2021 is already so much better than 2020


No, it was eleven with NQF and Gold Coast

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Best year ever, calling it early

Nah we got to 11 with Heart in 2010-11 and then NQF folded (then GCU folded after 2011-12 and were replaced with WSW for 2012-13).

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