Round 20 - Sydney FC vs Brisbane - 10/3/24

I mean that’s the job of the linesmen.

The VAR bunker is in Manly?

Mainly because of FIFA’s stupid handball & tackle rule changes however VAR isn’t technology per se due to the fact that humans are looking at it & those humans are referring decisions to the ref on the park who unfortunately has to abide by the framework of FIFA’s fucked rule changes.

I propose VAR-GPT, nobody makes any decisions all all& AI ref decides everything.

Personally, I think a toddler should be chosen from one of the toddler races to be the referee.

They can be paid in a bucket of hot chips and a can of lemonade.


Not sure if that’s a solution either. Players being sent off for being “poo poo heads” may also attract controversy.


So I actually think the EPL has a problem where the VAR itself is being applied inconsistently and at the same time is making some very incorrect calls. I can recall at least 2 different major incidents where VAR actually had to come out to apologise.

Most people are simple complaining that there’s no sense between the referee decisions amongst different games. The biggest problem is that it’s coming from the application of red cards which have even more lasting affects in the game they’ve been given in, as well as future games. If it was the difference between a yellow card and a foul, I can’t see that many people complaining. But you’ve literally had multiple situations in which the same type of tackle has gone from either play on, regular foul, yellow card or straight red, that’s an extremely wide range of reactions.

It’s also worth noting that we’ve had a huge number of red cards so far. ALM has had 30 reds to date. The EPL has had 48 reds. If you look at the number of games to date (I did a rough calc) you’re looking at a red every 0.25 games here, vs every 0.089 games in the EPL. That’s a pretty huge difference


Shame Besart Berisha isn’t around still. A valid reason of dismissal if ever there was one.

Edit: It’s also a valid dismissal for Mark(o) Rudan. He’s a big stinky poo poo head if ever I’ve seen one.

You’d have to introduce a half time nap session for all the players

Steve Corica already tried that.

Certainly put the viewer down for the land of nod. Best hour and a half of sleep I used to get.

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VAR, it’s all fucking Thierry Henry’s fault.

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I know this is tongue in cheek but I always come back to things like this and remember the whole point of VAR was to overturn CLEAR and OBVIOUS ERRORS. The 1 in 100 howlers that the ref and linesman happen to completely miss or misjudge against all reason.

Kersey sees the tackle clearly, unobstructed, in real time 10 metres away and makes a call that was a fair one. Then for some reason needs to look at it again. Why exactly? What’s the excuse as to why he only gave a yellow initially?

Then the one time VAR really needed to actually correct a heinous 1 in 100 howler in the Newcastle GF - it breaks.

Refs should be going to the VAR screen once every 15-20 games or so at most, and checking absolute howlers - that if are unclear after looking at 1-2 replays, are not overturned anyway. And that includes handballs and offsides. It should be used as a tool to save the refs from absolute embarrassment.


That’s what the weird one is to me. Why do refs have the option to review? If VAR exists they need to make the judgment call, rather than refs going back to it. If VAR can’t make a final decision and the ref takes a few minutes to decide, it is in now way clear and obvious


Agreed. Clear and obvious should be 1-2 camera angles in real time with minimal replays.

If you can’t pick up something within 10 seconds of viewing it, it’s not clear and obvious.

Hang on, isn’t this how all VAR decisions have to work under IFABs rule? To me, that’s the essence of the problem.

ED: so here’s the rules. Review can only be called in case of “clear and obvious error” or “serious missed incident” (which it wasn’t as a card was given in the first instance). And yes, every decision must always be made by the on-field referee… even if they never look at the screen.

Yeah it seems to be a misunderstanding by a hell of a lot of people - which is very weird because the on-field ref goes to the monitor every time except for offsides & goal line tech.

It’s the on field ref deciding that he/she made an incorrect decision and changing it.

The discussion about “VAR” being wrong is odd.

Personally I think this is a bit stupid and slows down decisions using VAR dramatically which is one of the things that people hate about it. I see no reason VAR can’t advise the on field ref that a decision should be overturned/upgraded. They already take advice from the assistants on that kind of decision.

I think this would involve a more far-reaching change to IFABs rules though, which would require votes from FIFA plus other members of the board…

No more so than VAR itself.

In any case this one also bugs me- that being the way people refer to “Clear and obvious error”.

  1. The original decision given by the referee will not be changed unless the video review clearly shows that the decision was a ‘clear and obvious error’.

It’s not that there is a clear and obvious error so you go to the video. You go to the video and it shows a clear and obvious error then the decision is changed. That might sound like splitting hairs but I’d say its mighty big hair.

In any case the implementation of VAR across the game has been thoroughly mismanaged by FIFA, IFAB, and the confederations.

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Picture of the week.

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