Round 20 - Western Sydney vs Sydney FC - 21/03/2020

I mean who even knows if this will actually still go ahead?

As it stands it will go ahead as a closed door fixture I think?

It’s a closed fixture atm.

But the curve is about to hit exponential.

Yeah that’s what I’m worried about - honestly who knows where we will be two days from now, let alone the weekend?

This applies not just to this game but to others.
Why do they keep playing in big stadiums for closed door games?
It would cost so much money that you could just play somewhere tiny with a good pitch.
Like how the WWE is just doing events at their performance centre now.



could probably have to do with many things, off the top of my head:

  1. are there that many other places with good pitches to play?
  2. need proper grandstands to get decent film angles
  3. it’s a home ground for them and players psychologically see it as a home ground and like routines (same as any top athletes), even if stands are empty
  4. might have paid the rent on it anyway so doesn’t really matter
  5. professional stadiums have proper fencing/gates so randoms can’t just turn up and watch (security can easily keep them out) which would be very interesting on Saturday

i would argue that closed door games are especially important to be played at decent stadiums tbh

If the only way i can see something is on TV, i want it to be done with the best technology. I’m assuming the media capabilities of these stadiums are much better than the local grounds. There’s a reason there’s no VAR in the FFA Cup, having to set up all the required cameras, set up communications, etc.

All of that is already at the big stadiums, so they don’t have to do anything.

Obviously i’d love for them to just put it at some park without VAR, but it is what it is.

But nevermind that shit, we need to win this. Don’t like the thought of not beating them at least once this year.

Struggling to get excited for this one, with all this uncertainty. Should the game go ahead, who knows what headspace either team will be in when they take to the field…

Looking forward to the pitch side microphones picking up every potty mouthed on pitch comment in a deathly silent stadium.


I’d think that they would have signed contracts with stadiums to have a minimum number of games scheduled and booked these all in at the start of the season.

That’s gonna be great.
I’m betting they will turn off the mics after a while.

If only Santalab was playing…


Would still be too noisy…

I guess wanderers are used to playing in an empty Bankwest Stadium so its not really going to be anything new for them.


The RBB were on to something the other week when they walked out and tried to watch the game from outside of the stadium.

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So, not much different to most of the games already.

Plus they need proper lighting for the broadcast.

They’ve been wearing scarves over their faces for years! Maybe they’ve secretly been making P2 scarves in preparation for the FFA Covid-19 virus???


Could it be that the FFA made the RBB aware of COVID-19 when they owned WSW?
Have they been a part of the conspiracy all along?
Was the ignition of flares a dispersion technique for the virus investigated by the FFA?

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