Round 22 - City vs Sydney FC - 6/04/22

I have a free spare ticket for tonights game for anyone interested

I wonder if there are many supporters going down to Melbourne ?

I’d better get my flares out of the cupboard then

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I can’t believe my eyes, this must be a mistake.

No Retre?

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Kosta is the new Paulo.

Presumably tested for a relatively inconsequential game?

Winning tonight doesn’t change much for us, ladder-wise.

No Burgess … again. How is he not more important to our success than Kosta or Caceres?


At least Yaz is in. Amini our best chance of matching with them I feel

Burgess plays well, gets benched. Kosta plays badly …

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For his teacher’s pets, Bimbi (like most of us caught up in that mindset) thinks, I signed eg Kosta because I knew he would be good; if he plays badly, we need to give him time to come good; eventually that will happen (tonight?) and that will prove that I was correct all along.

Yeah that’s true. Only really unhappy with Burgess on the bench and Kosta starting. The other selections seem quite sensible. Hopefully that can give us some balance and a chance to really have a go at City.

I really like the balance of a Yazbek/Amini central pairing. Also that bench is pornographic.

Maybe a Corica is saving him for the ACL?

I think Burgess could really do well there…

Robbie Thomson is an idiot.

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Donachie is not a midfielder

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Super annoying

Carving us up with ease

Least we’re not losing just yet

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