Round 22 - Sydney FC vs CCM - 30/3/24

100% - if the Sydney bid based in Parra had been successful, I’d have probably been a Mariners fan myself.

Ex Spirit, was living in Hornsby. Was only because I loved heading into the city for gameday that I went with SFC…

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Exactly this! Its disgusting how they dont lay the stadium field with natives…

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Uffy had some nice things to say about the players post match.

This team is evolving at a rapid pace & the yoof (business) model instituted at the start of the season combined with Uffy/Zdrilla thing is paying off big time & is entertaining to watch. CCM were bludgeoned out of that game & even a scary fucker like Angel Torres was hip pocketed by young Hayden.


No way Zdonk will be here next year.

I dunno.

That article recently seemed to say he was on a pretty set path to do his UEFA Pro license and work at SFC, then go back to Europe when he’s qualified.

He’ll be poached by another aleague club to be boss

Assistant at Sydney > head coach at any other team


History shows…

If you’re coaching staff or playing staff at SFC, you have a future in the sport almost anywhere.


I reckon if you’re targeting a bigger job overseas, in a few years, assistant might be the go though. If we’re successful, Zdrilic catches some of that glow. If we fail, it’s Talays fault.

He’s got the connections. I reckon he’s confident of a job in Germany or Croatia. Fucking around as a Aleague head coach would be a waste of time.


He’s got a head coach that will let him play.

Why chuck that in for the exposure of the head coach roll. Assistant probably suits him better short to medium term.

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If you’re not in Sydney (FC) you’re just camping out.


Yokohama F Marinos will probably come calling after they ditch Kewell (or Kewell will end their love affair with Oz coaches)