Round 23 - CCM vs Sydney FC - 9/04/22

Finally, our first and only game this week.


I’ll be out on the lash ignoring this and our 6-0 loss.

Massive game for both clubs but I reckon if Sydney don’t win this they won’t make the six.

Is that the AAMI Park hawk siren still trying to scare off seagulls or the collective sound of our sphincters clenching? Not the fixture we need.

Our chances of making the finals disappeared a couple of weeks ago.

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There’s finals?

Even if we do, we probably won’t.

Looks like this one is heading for a draw by default in what is probably a must win for both teams. Legitimately dont think Sydney have any space for reschedules unless the APL wants to push back the whole final series/GF for us. This season is such a mess.

Oh bother

You are right. There are no possible dates for a reschedule.

Weather forecast is okay up to kick off so we should be okay. My only concern is that the water table is so high now and we know there is an underwater stream below the pitch. There is a possibility that water just won’t drain away.

I mean can’t you guys take a lead out of Randwick racecourses book? Get some helicopters in and dry the pitch off… not that hard

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If the water table is up with the pitch the water won’t go anywhere.

Play the game at Leichhardt Oval.

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ever heard of a bucket? Or even some sponges? I mean it’s like you guys don’t want to play? :stuck_out_tongue:

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draw by default means 0 points each, at this point, right?

Yep. That’s what I recall reading. Both CCM and Sydney will want to play no matter where, could be a very interesting scenario. A postponement (i.e. cancellation with no points awarded) effectively ends our slim final hopes and puts a big dent in CCMs season as well, even 1 point could be the difference between them making finals or not.

Bowling club looks fine, let’s play 5 a side.

Mariners CEO just came on our forum and said the water is draining away and we should be right by tomorrow night.


Good news. Honestly at this point I accept we will probably lose comfortably, but would rather the game go ahead and CCM not be denied the opportunity of a finals appearance because of something like this.