Round 23 - City vs Sydney FC - 1/8/20


Harry flottman(Warland) wilko zullo
Brattan. Ninko
Bernie. Alfie. Trent

Next game or get fucked


Kosta hasn’t really been good enough since we signed him. Having said that tonight is all on Corica


I originally thought it was nice of the club to allow some poor bloke from the local homeless community to sit on the bench with the team. On the close up shot it turns out it was Grant though


As I’ve mentioned previously, Kosta isn’t being used in the same way he was used for most of/all of his time at the Victory. Give him the ball out wide and running at full-backs, and he shows a lot more to his game than he shows in this 4-4-2. His pace stretches defensive lines and that’s what Corica is using him for, rather than any trickery on the wing. So if he isn’t scoring or assisting, he doesn’t really contribute much.


We might have a chance to make the final. The team we play in the semi final will have only 3 or 4 days rest.


Why yes, I do agree to a switch to a 4231.

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They completely outplayed us! Agree, our formation did not help us. Miles of space in the midfield (and no Milos). Kosta not playing the best (or the team utilising his strengths). Can’t see city playing that well again this season, but nonetheless very displeasing seeing that match! Hopefully Stevie building to the big dance.


Really poor performance from the CHAMPIONS who are as flat as anything in these meaningless games (Literally pre season friendlies to get their legs back before the finals)

So far Newcastle and City have had to be at their best to beat us at our worst… hardly time to ring life line gents


Lifeline said you’re a clueless numpty and are clearly wallowing too deeply in arrogance to recognise the flaws in our team and that you’ll probably starve as you refuse to feast on the goo.


im not sure some people in here are seriously goo feasting or joking.

it’s a concern if some are serious…these are like training runs for us…

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Its not goo feasting when the team has been outplayed for most of the three games since the re-start. While we weren’t terrible for most of the game, City were much better than us and wanted to win more than us.

In terms of intensity, I don’t blame anyone at the club. I think every champion team has that issue once they’ve wrapped up some silverware. As someone pointed out last night, though, that kind of intensity is not something you can just switch off and on again, so the club needs to be careful how things are handled. And last night, things were not handled well at all.

You don’t just give a potential Grand Final opponent a free confidence boost in such a manner. Taking off Baumjohann, one of the team’s best performers on the night, while keeping on Retre for as long as he did, with the game in the balance did not indicate Corica was taking the game as seriously as he should have. Sadly, the game played out just as some of us feared, with the tactical balance being knocked out of kilter as a result. Maybe Corica was trying to keep as much experience out there as possible against a tough opponent, but it certainly didn’t work.

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i don’t think the lack of intensity is an ‘issue’, it is on purpose. playing games every few days is really tough, no need to risk injuries and fatigue.

let them have their confidence boost…we beat them with 10 men when it counted.

i trust corica more than anyone on here tbh. think he is running the games exactly as appropriate. the following few games are warm ups, nothing more.


Total crap.

Six games in four weeks, with the possibility of two games in a week and a half after that.

That isn’t “every few days”, that’s a business as usual playing load.

Form, confidence, sharpness are not a switch that you can toggle on at will. We beat Melbourne City with 10 in December because we had that then - we don’t now. March is ancient history, let alone December.


i don’t know what to tell you.

i think corica knows how to run a team better than anyone on here.

i try not too get too stressed about winning trophies because the club tends to do a pretty decent job at it when it counts.


I don’t know about that. Pretty sure he saw what I posted the other day and ran with it.


Most major club decisions have been made based on SFCU comments!!


Is that why there’s no pineapple or beetroot on the club?


It’s worked for football journalists for years!

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We got to our position on the table largely due to our consistency and everyone else being crap.

Heart, Adelaide and Newie appear to have taken the large midseason break to improve.

We appear to have rested on our laurels. As have Well.

We won’t have to worry about the GF as we’re currently a week one and out finals team.


Leaked photo emerges following last night’s game: