Round 24 - Sydney FC vs Adelaide - 12/04/22

Given our relative positions on the table this is absolutely must win if we want even an outside shot at the six.

Just spanked someone on the weekend?

Next game is a midweek game?

We’re are going get bagguetted in the peach.


Our last game before heading over for the continental ass blasting, hopefully we can get a win here.

The maths is hard to do with us having played more games and other teams still having to play each other, but seems likely that if we get a finals spot it’ll be at the expense of either Macarthur or Adelaide (assuming CCM and Newcastle are in slightly worse positions and won’t make it, and Wellington being in a much better spot and make it).

So a draw wouldn’t be a disaster but given the circumstances I think we will aim to win at all costs.

GD could be important as well, our big win against CCM could make a difference, and even winning by 2 tomorrow will make it harder for Adelaide to catch us as they’d have a much worse GD.

All to play for.

Also worth noting it’s our second last game at Kogarah, unless we miraculously end up hosting some finals games.


The 5-0 win was good for GD as we’re now +3, but that’s pretty slim GD when the teams hunting us still have 2 or 3 games in hand over us. And with scoreline on games starting to blow out massively, +3 GD isn’t comfortable.

Every game is basically a must win from here on in. Keeping clean sheets to try and boost that GD should be the aim too. Basically if we win all our remaining games by at least 2 goals, we might sneak a home final.

Thank fuck.

I have vowed never to set foot in that shithole ever again, the only thing that will sway me to renege is the pure guilt of possibly missing the last outing of one of our greats (Milos / Wilko / Bobby).

The FiveThirtyEight ALM predictor is an interesting read at the moment with everyone on different games played. They have us at a 58% chance of making the six. Their average simulated season ends like this with us scraping in on goal difference and 4 pts separating 9th from 4th.

Pos. Team GD Pts
1 City 23 50
2 Western 2 45
3 Victory 9 43
4 Adelaide 1 37
5 Nix -14 37
6 SFC 4 36
7 Bulls -2 36
8 Jets 7 34
9 CCM 2 33
10 WSW -6 30
11 Roar -8 28
12 Glory -18 19

In other words, it’s incredibly close. A clear win tomorrow would be huge for us.

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Agree but my main point about GD in this regard is that it puts us well ahead of Adelaide specifically. Even a win by two swings it 4 in our favour., and puts them at -1 and us at +5. Assuming we win even one of our last two they probably won’t beat our GD.

However all that said, Adelaide finish the season with 3 home games after tomorrow - Perth, Brisbane, and WU. This is possibly the easiest run in imaginable with even WU struggling at the moment, though of course WSW for that last home game would probably be the only easier run possible.

Either way let’s just win. It’ll all be interesting how it unfolds.

Man what a shit top three


It would be nice if Mister Sidewards/Backwards-Slow-AF encourages some urgency & quicker, more precise passing as what occurred the other night. That would be a good start.

Nature is healing, this is the first time in years I’ve been able to bring along a bunch of students from the school I am working at.

Around 2017, 2018 I was sometimes able to rustle up 15 or more to come along for a game.

Five takers for this one, with hopefully equal or more for the Melbourne game. Next season we’ll be right back on track and I’ll hopefully have plenty of rubberneckers coming along to check out games at the new SFS.


Brilliant. Need numbers. Hoping we get an ok school holiday turnout given ticket deal and pretty much perfect weather today (as well as early kick off time).

Make Shane help you out with that!

For once the 7.05 kick off might help with the crowd. School holidays will help travel time and mean that kids will be allowed to attend a midweek game

He’ll be in Vietnam on “offical business”.

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Looking like the last game I can get to this season, but still struggling to give a fuck

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Hoping to have the always weird experience of watching this on plane WiFi. If that doesn’t work then this game will join the other four games I’m going to have to catch up on.

Best looking team sheet I’ve seen in a while:

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I really like how much time Talbot is getting now. Corica has really trusted him and it really shows.