Round 24 - Sydney FC vs Perth - 16/4/23

Perth hasn’t won away from home since October, so this might be a decent shout for a rare home win. Of course, we’ll probably find a way to stuff it up.


3 pm kick off?

That’s like 5 am Perth time ja? Smart!

Warm up for the alw semi tbh

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3pm on a sunday, in the school holidays… hoping for a decent crowd

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Another huge game, we beat Perth and we go 4 points clear of them with 2 games left, and they’d be the biggest threat to knocking us out of the 6. Can definitely see another draw though.

Do we know where Zad’s dad is?


Wherever he is I’m sure he’s writing a strongly worded letter.


… and hoping to have the last laugh?

This is absolutely set up for us to grab an unconvincing draw.

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5am, and in 1993.

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We’ll find a way to lose this 3-2. Amini to grab the winner

Ivanovic brace

Both knees?


At around the 20 minute mark I expect to look into the heavens and ask whoever is up there to save me from this boring game.

Perth paying $4.40…you know I’m jumping on that to secure another draw for us!

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3-1 win to us. ALF with a pen and a smashing goal.


Excellent, that’s the spirit!

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The last time Perth were any good was the last game of the NSL & they’ve been donkey shit ever since then.

Sydney 3-0

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Let’s start the Ruben Zadkovich pile on because why not.


We’re going to need to score early to make this easier for ourselves. Perth will likely just sit back and try and pick us off for a 1-0.